26 Apr 2021

Project Theseus

DE&S have recently published an opportunity to join an experimentational framework entitled 'Project Theseus'

This Framework will formally create a community of interest, driving high tempo experiments around potential use of autonomy in the resupply of troops, and understanding where technological advances can drive efficiency and reduce risk in military environments. 

This short-term Framework will complete these experiments until Apr 2022, and will be supported by several operators in the field of Autonomous Logistics. The framework taskings could range in scope and scale from small-scale procurement or funded demonstrations, to financial contributions towards the development of a complete technological solution to Project Thesues.  The output of Theseus will be sets of reports and recommendations for the British Army to review, support the continued development of their future requirements.

The full Contract Notice can be found here: Project Theseus - Find a Tender (find-tender.service.gov.uk)