Private network ecosystem: Management model - A new techUK guide

techUK's Advanced Communications Services Working Group has created a new guide for organisations considering building out services using 5G networking technology entitled 'Private network ecosystem: Management model'. 



It introduces and describes the principles of neutral hosts, and then goes on to describe the architecture and ecosystem which supports the provision of shared services, particularly in the context of high capacity/low latency applications, which will drive 5G deployment. While this paper is focussed on 5G, many of the principles of neutral hosts, and the discussion of edge versus core provision will apply to other technologies such as Wi-Fi, including Wi-Fi 6.

The guide takes a look at the overall architecture of edge native applications, including the components of the ecosystem, as well as setting out the value chain and operating model. Resilience and operations are outlined too - plus impact of Neutral Host Networks, the market drivers, and challenges facing Neutral Hosts. 


Private network ecosystem: Management model - A new techUK guide complements a new user guide published by techUK, to help prospective users of advanced private networks gain a clear understanding of the full range of benefits of adopting communications technology, to help build their business case for investment.



The guide finds that growth of private 4G, 5G and recent advances in both Wi-Fi technology and satellite communications have seen a raft of innovative testbeds and proof-of-concepts for enhanced private networks for enterprise and the public sector. 2022 now presents a unique opportunity for the accelerated adoption of private networks.

Adoption of enhanced private networks is accelerating, bolstered by a healthy and vibrant ecosystem of operators, suppliers, system integrators, and security experts, and the technologies now being within reach from an economical perspective for both SMEs as well as bigger companies.



techUK is grateful for the work of Duncan Clubb, Head of Digital Infrastructure Advisory at CBRE, and Alan Nunn, Consulting Director, Telecoms at CGI (and Chair of techUK’s Advanced Communications Services Working Group).  

Thanks to the following contributors and organisations: 

  • Jonathan Freeman, Strategic Growth and Regulatory Director, Cellnex UK and Vice-Chair of techUK’s Communications Infrastructure and Services Council 
  • Members of techUK’s Advanced Communications Services Working Group 

Sophie Greaves

Sophie Greaves

Head of Telecoms and Spectrum Policy, techUK

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Mia Haffety

Programme Manager - Telecoms and Net Zero, techUK

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Tales Gaspar

Programme Manager, UK SPF and Satellite, techUK

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Programme Assistant - Markets, techUK