17 Feb 2021

Police Digital Summit - Embedding Data Ethics in Policing & Interoperability

This year, The Police Digital ICT Summit was held virtually over 3 days and focused on ‘Digital, Data and Technology’. The National Policing Digital Strategy launched in January 2020 emphasised that the pace of change has never been this fast and we will not see it slow down. With the impact of the worldwide events of 2020 and beyond, technology has never been relied upon as heavily as we have seen it with people, organisations having to adapt and revolutionise the way in which they interact, work, and deliver services in order for workforces and people to stay digitally connected whilst physically apart.

techUK was delighted to be asked by the Police ICT Company to organise two panel discussions – one focusing on Embedding Data Ethics in Policing, and the other on Interoperability.  

Embedding Data Ethics in Policing

techUK facilitated this event and was joined by:

  • Clare Elford, Managing Director, Clue Investigation Software
  • Chris Todd, (Interim) Assistant Chief Constable, West Midlands Police
  • Richard Lewis, Chief Constable, Cleveland Police | NPCC Lead for Data Ethics
  • Giles Herdale, TRACER, Digital, Data and Technology Directorate, National Crime Agency and co-chair, Independent Digital Ethics Panel for Policing

Panel conversations were framed by a set of questions, which included: How do we embed data ethics principles into decision making in policing? This was an opportunity to explore how this has been done, some of those case studies and what the challenges were in their application. What does good look like – where is there existing good practice that we can draw on? Do we need to try and bring in a more national approach to this area? If so, whose job is this and how should it happen and be managed?

The panel explored in detail anything from - what the role of the NPCC is in supporting data ethics in policing and how a revised code of ethics may support the police service to ensure a high level of ethical standards. To, hearing directly from industry itself on the role of the IT industry in supporting and promoting the ethical use of data.

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  • Neil Beet, Chair of techUK’s Interoperability working group and National Security & Public Safety Technology Professional at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Teresa Ashforth, PND Data Quality & Standards Lead, Home Office
  • John Owen, Chief Technology Officer, Police & Public Protection, Home Office
  • Brendan Johnston, National Standards Lead, Police ICT Company

techUK’s ‘Interoperability for Policing’ Initiative draws upon a shared common interest between Police Forces, other LEAs, The Police ICT Company, the NPTC, the NPCC and the Home Office to align and work together to enable the delivery of the Policing Vision 2025 and the National Digital Policing Strategy by adopting common data and technology standards, open interfaces and open, interoperable architectures. techUK was delighted to be given the opportunity to discuss the progress the working group has already made in this area, how the tech industry is working with policing customers and the challenges or barriers facing policing as we explore interoperability. The working group consists of a diverse range of techUK members alongside Teresa, John and Brendan.

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If you would like to discuss this work and techUK's interoperability in policing initiative, please reach out to Georgie using the details below. 

Georgina Henley

Georgina Henley

Programme Manager, Justice and Emergency Services, techUK

Georgie joined techUK as the Justice and Emergency Services Programme Manager in March 2020.

Georgie is dedicated to representing suppliers by creating a voice for those who are selling into blue lights and the justice system, but also by helping them in navigating this market. Georgie is committed to creating a platform for collaboration, from engaging with industry and stakeholders to understand the latest innovations, to the role tech can play in responding to a range of issues our justice and emergency services are facing 

Prior to joining techUK, Georgie managed a Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) in Westminster. She worked closely with the Metropolitan Police and London borough councils to prevent and reduce the impact of crime on the business community. Her work ranged from the impact of low-level street crime and anti-social behaviour on the borough, to critical incidents and violent crime.

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