28 Jun 2021

Pegasystems Ltd: Public services built by users and delivered by robots. Really?

Public services will be delivered like Deliveroo delivers pizzas, Amazon delivers stuff, and Uber delivers you.

For the citizen: On demand, on time, and always getting it right first time. Personalised, joined up service. Knowing what you are likely to need to do next and prompting your next action. Seamless, responsive, always on. The next generation of user-centred design – systems truly built around, and sometime even built by, the user.

For government service delivery: lower cost, lower risk, faster delivery of public services. Service delivery guided by data insights, informed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and delivered using automated case management and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) where appropriate. Fewer labour intensive administrative tasks needed, freeing up expensive and highly trained people to focus on those parts of the process or cases that really need human interaction or human decision making. Focusing front line civil servants on adding value while systems and robots take care of the rest.

For government IT organisations: Cloud-based software as a service (SAAS), where government specifies the services required and the service levels and leaves it to specialist SAAS providers to ensure delivery of the IT infrastructure and the software. Ensuring an always-on service at lower cost and without the up-front investment, overspends, delays and failures of traditional government IT builds. Low-code system development for those systems that do need to be specifically tailored to government needs, allowing business users to not just feed into the design but to actually build key elements of the system themselves in interactive design and build workshops. No more endless design processes and disconnects between the business and IT design teams. Users can not only say what they want but can actually take part in the build in real time using a user-friendly graphical interface, ensuring that the system meets their exact needs, no training required.

All of this can be delivered in a way that is faster, cheaper and lower risk than current approaches and that doesn’t require legacy systems to be ‘ripped and replaced’. Modern software solutions can be delivered to work with existing legacy systems, drawing on existing data and systems of record where needed, while still enabling a revolution in personalised citizen-centred services and efficient public service delivery. Transformed services, low risk delivery, reduced investment and lower operating costs. Sounds too good to be true. I don’t think it is. And by recently giving up a senior civil service career at the heart of government to become a part of this revolution I’ve gone all in to help make it happen!

This blog was originally written by Alex Case. Alex Case is a Senior Director and Public Sector Industry Principal at Pegasystems Ltd. He was until recently a senior official at No10 and the Cabinet Office and has previously held leading roles in large government IT and transformation programmes both as an official and as a management consultant. He can be contacted at [email protected] or at https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexcase/.

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