08 Sep 2022

OPSS notice to techUK on enforcement policy for retained Commission regulation (EU) 2019/424 relating to servers and data storage products


In response to industry concerns about supply chain issues preventing server manufacturers being able to transition to higher efficiency rated power supply units (PSUs), BEIS and OPSS agreed to a pragmatic enforcement approach that in effect gives industry an additional 12 months to be compliant to this new requirement. Compliance of existing PSU (pre-2023) requirements remain for placing server and storage products on the UK market.

Consequently, the new rule will not be enforced until 2024 and the below notice was communicated to techUK on 15 July 2022.

The communication received by OPSS

The Office for Product Safety and Standards is the UK market surveillance authority for the overarching Ecodesign Regulations. Including the Commission regulation (EU) 2019/424 for servers and data storage products, which the UK has retained.  These regulations set out further requirements which take place on 1st January 2023 and are in relation to the introduction of a more efficient PSU.

We have been made aware of issues impacting the entire sector, particularly, how the global pandemic has impacted the design stage of these PSU’s, along with further compounded supply chain issues regarding certain components.

We along with BEIS policy colleagues recognise these exceptional and unforeseen circumstances. We also appreciate there is a continued need for manufacturers to be able supply these essential products, and so  in light  of the difficulties posed to economic operators by the current circumstances and short-term challenges, OPSS will take a flexible and proportionate approach to enforcement of the above regulations. This is supported by our Enforcement Policy. This pragmatic approach will apply during the period 1 January 2023 to 1 January 2024, for the retained regulation (EU) 2019/424 regarding servers and data storage products.

Member and customer queries

Should members wish to speak directly to OPSS on these matters then please feel free to contact OPSS using our enquiry service at:  [email protected] referencing the regulations and this communique.