06 Oct 2020

[OPPORTUNITY] International Delegation Offer at HK Fintech Week 2020

Offer to join virtually the international delegation to Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020

International Delegation Virtual Programme at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020

Without any physical barriers, international FinTech companies can expand their business connection and explore opportunities in the region virtually. With the virtual exhibition, innovative FinTechs will be showcasing their innovative products or solutions to potential clients and investors through demos and AI matchmaking. 

This programme is strongly supported and funded by InvestHK. Each delegation only needs to pay in total USD 500 to get 5 - 10 companies onboard. Please refer to the delegation package for more details on the content, expected attendees and some key virtual features. 

If you are interested to explore the offer, please be in touch with Carine Cho at [email protected]