09 Mar 2023

Opportunity: Digital Evidence Programme – Evidence Analysis and Review. Characterisations of Current and Target System Architectures

Programme leads from The Police Digital Service (PDS) Digital Evidence Programme have been engaging with techUK via the newly established Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO) Tech Working Group and are asking for the group and techUK’s wider membership to respond to the following series of questions.

 Please respond to each question via a word document format and email this to [email protected] by COP 31st March.

In order to answer the below survey questions, please download the following slides provided by PDS. You can also see below a summary of the challenge and challenge areas.

The Challenge | Victim and Witness Experience

  • The need for better tools to allow the victim to make their case using data
  • Using selective extraction to only have data that the officer needs to use for the case
  • Returning handsets quicker – aided by swifter analysis
  • Looking at the end-to-end process for rape investigations

Challenge areas | How case data is used, analysed and presented

  • Common standards for digital, data and tech use for cases.
  • Tech designed to meet the challenges of investigating RASSO
  • Development of tools and widening the market for solutions.
  • Reducing the need for manual tasks and interpreting data.
  • Testing, proving and validating solution design
  • Increasing the use of automation to improve efficiency.

Questions. Please respond to the below questions by COP 31 March

  1. Name
  2. Organisation
  3. Contact details
  4. Are we missing any elements in our definition of the problem, or any opportunities? (We don’t always have all the answers)
  5. Do you have any products already in use for evidence analysis and review that we can evaluate?
  6. Have you got anything ready, imminent or in the pipeline that could meet the analysis and review requirement?
  7. Is there another organisation you have worked with who you could team up with to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the needs and expectations of policing with respect to RASSO investigations?
  8. How can we help develop your tools to meet the needs and expectations of policing?

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