16 Oct 2023

New Commander of the National Cyber Force appointed

Air Vice-Marshal Tim Neal-Hopes OBE has been appointed as the second Commander of the National Cyber Force (NCF).

Established in 2020, the NCF is a partnership between defence and intelligence which carries out cyber operations daily to protect against threats to the UK, further the UK’s foreign policy, support military operations, and prevent serious crime.

The NCF is committed to demonstrating responsible cyber behaviour, including through strict adherence to robust legal and ethical frameworks and robust oversight and accountability. This is illustrated in ‘National Cyber Force: Responsible Cyber Power in Practice’ in a move to greater transparency in this space.

Most recently, Tim served as Director Cyber, Intelligence and Information Integration within UK Strategic Command and will be the first member of the Armed Forces to hold the position.

As well as delivering cyber operations to keep the country safe, Tim will be responsible for overseeing the NCF’s continued growth as part of the UK’s broader national cyber enterprise, including the opening of NCF’s headquarters in Samlesbury in 2025. Tim will also continue scaling NCF’s integration with other parts of Government, partners, and a growing number of international allies.

Tim replaces the NCF’s first Commander, James Babbage, who has taken up post as Director General Threats (Economic and Organised Crime) at the National Crime Agency.

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