16 Jan 2023
by Julie Preston

Countering Terrorism with Tactical Deployable Data Centre Technology (Guest blog by Workspace Technology Ltd)

Guest blog by Julie Preston, Business Development Manager at Workspace Technology Ltd #NatSec2023

Tactical deployable data centre technology can be used to support counter-terrorism efforts in several ways. Some examples include:

Providing a secure communications platform

Tactical deployable data centres can be used to set up a secure, encrypted communications network for use by first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel. This can help to ensure that sensitive information is not intercepted by terrorists or other adversaries.

Storing and analysing large amounts of data: Tactical deployable data centres can be used to store and analyse substantial amounts of data, such as surveillance footage, social media posts, and other types of intelligence. This can help to identify and track terrorists and their activities.

Facilitating rapid deployment

Tactical deployable data centres can be quickly deployed to any location, making them ideal for use in crisis situations. This allows first responders and other personnel to set up a secure communications and data analysis platform quickly, enabling them to respond more effectively to terrorist threats.

Overall, tactical deployable data centre technology can be a valuable tool in the fight against terrorism by providing a secure communications platform, enabling the storage and analysis of large amounts of data, and facilitating rapid deployment.

Prefabricated data centres.

A tactical deployable data centre would normally take the form a Prefabricated data centres, which are data centres that are built using prefabricated components that are manufactured offsite and then shipped to the final location for instant use.

These prefabricated data centres’ can be fitted with highly secure CPNI accredited fortified protective systems, feature blast and ballistic protection and can be RF and acoustically protected to prevent electronic eavesdropping.

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Julie Preston

Julie Preston

Business Development Manager, Workspace Technology Limited