07 Sep 2022

MOD releases the Joint Doctrine Publication 0-40, UK Space Power

Space is critical to society, underpinning almost every aspect of life in the Information Age and is a vital component of national security, enabling the UK’s military operational advantage.

The first edition of JDP 0-40, UK Space Power provides a balanced and comprehensive, unclassified understanding of space power whilst fulfilling the principle that developing an independent space power doctrine is fundamental to the UK’s operationalisation of the space domain.

The document focuses on four main topics:

  1. Introduction to space power – outlining characteristics and limitations of space power before placing it into a national and global context
  2. Roles of space power – and the key missions that sit below them
  3. Space command and control, coordination and planning – a discussion of general principles and specifics relating to the space domain
  4. The employment of space power – how to apply space within an integrated approach and considering space power in deterrence

The publication thoroughly lays out the current state of the space domain, referencing that space is becoming increasingly congested, complex yet critical and contested. Touching on the political aspects of the space domain, the Ministry of Defence is clearly committed to recognise the importance of diplomacy, international cooperation and accordance with domestic and international law.

Technology is a key element which runs through the document with technology advances being more important than ever given the reliance other operational domains have on positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), satellite communications (SATCOM) and other space-enabled capabilities.

MOD clearly set out that partnerships with civil, industry, commercial and academic entities are therefore essential to increase resilience, understand the progress of technology in this area and develop further opportunities for deterrence in space.

You can find the full document here.

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