McPartland Review: Call for Evidence

The McPartland Review of Cyber Security and Economic Growth has launched a Call for Evidence to inform its work.

Earlier this month, the Rt Hon Stephen McPartland MP was commissioned to carry out a review to understand how cyber security can foster economic growth. McPartland will be seeking evidence from various sectors of the economy until Thursday 28 March. Further details about the Call for Evidence can be found here

Aligned with the government's National Cyber Strategy, the McPartland Review seeks to promote the UK's interests in the cyber sector. More broadly, the review will scrutinise how cyber security can effectively unlock economic benefits for the country. The review will make a series of recommendations for government outlining how to optimise the implementation of cyber security opportunities for the benefit of the UK's economy. 

The Call for Evidence will focus on five topics:

  1. Giving business confidence to digitise faster, building on investment in more secure online environments - the review will collect evidence to support businesses who are making the case for investment. 
  2. Increasing support for UK business’s adoption of good cyber security practices - the review will assess the challenges facing businesses and the real-term costs of cyber security.
  3. Fostering greater awareness, accountability, and acceptance of the benefits of cyber security through transparency measures - the review will assess how information on cyber security can be used to price the insurance risk on businesses.
  4. Minimising costs borne by businesses and consumers - the review will look at how secure cyber networks can be an indicator of growth for a business.
  5. Opening markets for UK businesses through mutual recognition of our domestic standards on the international landscape - the review will look at the broad opportunities brought on by good cyber hygiene across businesses.

In tandem with the Call for Evidence, a series of roundtables will be organised with key stakeholders throughout March and April.

Dan Patefield

Dan Patefield

Head of Cyber and National Security, techUK

Jill Broom

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security, techUK

Annie Collings

Annie Collings

Programme Manager, Cyber Security and Central Government, techUK

Raya Tsolova

Programme Manager, techUK

Tracy Modha

Team Assistant - Markets, techUK