14 May 2024

Market expansion: education and edtech at techUK

techUK is pleased to announce that we are adding the education sector to our offering of market areas for our members.

We have had a longstanding ambition to bolster the UK's education sector and edtech market within techUK, and our latest market programme is a timely enrichment to the national dialogue on edtech.

Join our first 'Education 2030: Tech Foundations' working group

In June 2024, we are looking to launch our inaugural campaign for the new Education and Edtech Programme. If you are a techUK member and would like to direct our first programme campaign, please fill in the brief form below before the 3rd of June.

Join our working group

Why now?

Globally, education spending is expected to reach $8 trillion in 2030 with edtech accounting for nearly 8% of total spend. Similarly the proliferation of digital across the skills and education landscape from early years to careers and workforce training, signals a maturing opportunity for our members.

At the same time, the Covid-induced surge in edtech is entering a new stage of more considered adoption.. Coupled with shifting modalities in learning, the disruption presented by AI-powered solutions, presents opportunities and challenges for traditional education providers. These demands come within a precarious context of financial strain, tech debt, persistent cyber threats, and skills shortages. Such challenges can only be surmounted through closer engagement with the tech sector.

What will we address in this programme?

The education programme has two main objectives.

Firstly, we seek to enhance the core technology foundations of education institutions across the UK. This involves addressing the legacy challenges, talent pipelines, funding/procurement barriers, and the policy hurdles that face Schools, FE Colleges and HEIs. techUK and its members stand ready to ensure that every penny spent delivers on the education outcomes of every student and adult learner in the UK.

Secondly, we aim to bolster the UK's edtech industry, which despite its strength, is losing ground in Europe. In 2021 alone, the UK’s thriving Edtech scene was estimated to have provided 40K+ jobs, contributing £4 billion to the UK economy. To sustain the edtech sector, we’re seeking to facilitate stronger feedback loops among educators, innovators, policymakers, and investors, while aiding access to overseas markets.

How will we serve our members and the sector?

In consultation with our members, sector stakeholders and partners we’re building a programme of campaigns designed to capture, nurture and amplify key conversations and connections between our members, the education sector and the edtech market.

To cover the breadth of these sectors and markets, the Education and Edtech programme will run a series of six-month campaigns across three workstreams each with a focus on K12, HE and Emerging Edtech respectively.

Kicking off with our inaugural ‘Education 2030: Tech Foundations’ campaign in June, we’ll focus on how the UK’s Higher Education sector can better address the legacy challenge as well as how emerging technologies are impacting both digital and business strategies for HEIs.

How can you get involved?

We’re inviting members to join our first campaign working group which, through conversation with the sector, will help define the campaign output. If you are a member and would like to join this working group or can recommend a colleague to join, please submit your details to this form by the 3rd of June.

If you work for a university or higher education-related charity or research group, we’d love to hear from you as well as share your insights with our members. You can register your interest by contacting Programme Manager, Austin Earl via the details below:

[email protected]

+44 7891 743932