05 Dec 2023
by Sophie Newbould

Law firms in focus: Case management systems and supply chain risks

Guest vlog by Sophie Newbould, Founder & CEO at Innov8law

What’s the problem?

Some law firms are failing to prioritise their cyber security. Encompassing everything connected to the Internet, this failing not only ignores internal security but also their third-party supply security. As such, firms across the legal sector are unknowingly and unwittingly adopting insecure positions by default.

What’s the harm?

Recent cyberattacks are symptoms and outcomes of these failings. The damage these attacks have inflicted is extensive and potentially unlimited, with consequential impact unknown.

How should law firms respond? 

There is only one way to prevent such attacks from occurring.  That is by prioritising robust and resilient cyber security, law and governance across the client organisation. This security management must include Internet Assets, Domains, DNS records and servers. 

“Prioritising ‘REAL’ cyber security is the only way to prevent cyberattacks.  Everything else is simply waiting.”  Andy Jenkinson, CIP CEO, Global DNS Security Expert

You cannot be cyber secure without significant effort and expertise. Watch this vlog by Innov8law for more:

Content and vlog created by Innov8Law.

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Sophie Newbould

Sophie Newbould

Founder & CEO, Inov8law