10 Aug 2023

Is AI about to revolutionise software development?

Guest publication: In their new e-book, Codurance explore the impact AI might have on software development and how it might lead us into some different ways of working.

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In this Generative AI e-book from Codurance, they explore the transformative potential of Gen AI in software development, including the power to redefine coding tasks, enhance software quality, and potentially revolutionise the industry.

Delving into Gen AI's applications and implications, the e-book examines tools like ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and AWS Code Whisperer, highlighting their impact on code generation, collaboration, and security.

While cautiously optimistic, the e-book emphasises the symbiotic relationship between AI and human developers, advocating for a balanced approach that preserves the principles of Software Craftsmanship while harnessing AI's capabilities to drive innovation and efficiency in software development practices.

Future of Work

The future of work is changing. Technology is powering a growth in flexible work across the economy, whilst emerging technologies such as robotics and AI are set to become common place. techUK believes the UK must consider the implications of digital transformation in the world of work now, equipping people and businesses across the country with the skills and conditions needed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the 4IR.

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Nimmi Patel

Nimmi Patel

Head of Skills, Talent and Diversity, techUK

Antony Walker

Antony Walker

Deputy CEO, techUK

Jake Wall

Jake Wall

Policy Manager, Skills and Future of Work, techUK


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