25 Mar 2021

Get involved in techUK's Intelligent Automation Week!

On 26-30 April techUK techUK will be hosting the first-ever Intelligent Automation Week. We are looking for companies to share their insight and expertise. Learn about how to get involved below!

On 26-30 April techUK will be kicking-off  the first-ever Intelligent Automation Week, dedicated to showcasing the huge potential of Intelligent Automation on the UK’s digital economy

We are looking for member companies to submit 600 word insights for techUK’s Intelligent Automation Week, covering one of the themes below. Please do reach out directly to get involved!

During this week we will be bringing you news, views and insights from the technology sector on what the uptake of Intelligent Automation will deliver to the UK’s society and economy. We will be identifying, exploring and debating how organizations (across both public and private sector) can build the best digital foundations for automation; reviewing the role of the technology sector in driving this forward, and discussing the larger implications on skills, jobs and society that Intelligent Automation will bring.

Whether you are interested in contributing your industry expertise or want to discover more about the opportunities of Intelligent Automation, learn more about techUK’s campaign below!

Monday: Building the foundations: The role of IA in business transformation and getting deployment right

Day one of techUK’s Intelligent Automation week will define and clarify what the role of IA technologies are in business transformation. We will start with getting the foundations right: Moving from nice-to-have to necessity in developing use cases for Intelligent Automation; what good practice looks like, and helping businesses measure value of Intelligent Automation in the aftershock of COVID-19.

Tuesday: Skills and supporting the workforce of tomorrow

By complementing and leveraging strengths of Intelligent Automation in the UK’s workforce, the UK has the opportunity to be leaders in innovation. However there is a need to embrace a human-centric approach that will help to develop meaningful experiences for employees and the opportunity for a workforce able to learn and grow alongside Intelligent Automation. The also need to ensure that through the adoption of emerging technologies that we do not exclude certain communities from the workforce and develop a meaningful conversation about digital transformation that works for all.

Wednesday: Intelligent Automation and cyber security

As intelligent automation technologies, such as RPA, AI and BPO’s  grow in use, businesses are faced with the possibility of greater cyber security risks. However, by understanding the cybersecurity threat landscape around automation, businesses can be better equipped to realize the benefits of intelligent automation across their products and services and ease and business concerns.

Thursday: Automation and public sector: Opportunities and challenges of adoption

Day two will explore the potential value and benefits of IA for Central Government in the UK’s post-COVID recovery. This includes raising awareness and debate among the technology sector about where progress has, or has not, been made – and the key challenges faced so that the market can better support the reinvigoration of automation in the Government’s agenda. Following on from techUK’s previous market engagement on Intelligent Automation with Cabinet Office, we are eager to listen and gather industry views on the huge potential of this technology for Government if we get this right.

Friday: Intelligent automation and emerging technologies: Innovative use cases driving forward the UK’s economy

On the final day of techUK’s Intelligent Automation Week, techUK members will explore interesting and innovative use cases where IA technologies are driving digital transformation when paired with innovative and new technologies like AI and Cloud. We will also future gaze as to what a 21st century digital business will look like and how the tech industry can help make this a reality.

If you would like to get involved please reach out!

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Programme Manager, Technology and Innovation, techUK

Laura is techUK’s Programme Manager for Technology and Innovation.

She supports the application and expansion of emerging technologies across business, including Geospatial Data, Quantum Computing, AR/VR/XR and Edge technologies.

Before joining techUK, Laura worked internationally in London, Singapore and across the United States as a conference researcher and producer covering enterprise adoption of emerging technologies. This included being part of the strategic team at London Tech Week.

Laura has a degree in History (BA Hons) from Durham University, focussing on regional social history. Outside of work she loves reading, travelling and supporting rugby team St. Helens, where she is from.

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