20 Apr 2022

Draft standards and interoperability strategy for health and care now published

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) have now published a draft version of the standards and interoperability strategy from the Transformation Directorate at NHS England and Improvement, having been commissioned to support the consultation process.

The draft strategy can be accessed here, with further information set to be published before the end of April. The consultation process will include virtual focus groups and a survey providing the opportunity to submit written feedback.

The FCI notes that the strategy should to be considered together with the Data Saves Lives: Reshaping health and social care with data paper and the upcoming data architecture strategy.

techUK will start preparing its response to the document, having made two key recommendations in the Ten Point Plan for Healthtech on interoperability:

Applying an international, open standards first approach

We encouraged NHS Digital and, at the time, NHSX (now NHS England and Improvement) to take an international, open standards first approach as they develop national assets and infrastructure.

Centrally mandating, assessing and enforcing the use of interoperability standards

…and called on the Department of Health and Social Care to centrally mandate, assess and enforce the use of interoperability standards through NHSX and NHS Digital, supported by true collaboration between industry and the service in terms of standards implementation and development.

The draft strategy released this week sets out five steps to drive adoption:

  • Define a model care record
  • Define the architectural approach
  • Make it easier to implement standards
  • Manage standards as a product
  • Make it commercially attractive to develop standards-compliant software.

The Health and Social Care programme will work with members to submit techUK's response on behalf of members to the strategy. Once you have reviewed the document, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss or provide written feedback.