DIT Launches 11 New Trade Advisory Groups

techUK's Deputy CEO, Antony Walker, joins Tech and Telecoms Trade Advisory Group. 11 new trade advisory groups, covering a range of key sectors, established to provide knowledge and experience and inform UK negotiating position.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has established today 11 new trade advisory groups, covering a range of key sectors, to provide knowledge, insight and experience from top industry experts to inform UK negotiating position and deliver deals that benefit the whole country. We are delighted to announce that techUK's Deputy CEO, Antony Walker, is joining the Tech and Telecoms Trade Advisory Group (TAG).     

The newly launched trade advisory groups (TAGs) are part of a major new business engagement drive designed to support the UK's ambitious trade negotiations. 

As trade talks with Japan, the US, Australia and New Zealand intensify, the Trade Secretary is stepping up engagement with key industries across Britain, including farming, manufacturing, automotive, and tech. 

Their advice will be used to help inform the government’s negotiating position and deliver key industry asks that benefit the whole UK, including securing new market access on products like ceramics, cars, steel and beef, and agreeing cutting-edge digital trade rules.

The new groups are comprised of the best and brightest businesses people from all parts of Britain, as part of DIT’s efforts to ensure trade deals benefit all regions and devolved administrations.

Commenting on the establishment of the Trade Advisory Groups, Anotny Walker, techUK Deputy CEO, said:

“The tech sector in the UK is relentlessly innovative and resilient. As we chart a new path in the world, we must champion the UK’s competitive strengths in the digital economy both at home and abroad. 

I am delighted to join the senior group of experts and work alongside the Government to progress tech policy objectives, highlight market access concerns and opportunities, and achieve the best possible outcomes for tech and telecoms.”


Members have been selected to provide a breadth of knowledge and experience. 

List of 11 Trade Advisory Groups: 

  • Agri-Food
  • Automotive, Aerospace and Marine
  • British Manufacturing and Consumer Goods
  • Investment
  • Life Sciences
  • Tech and Telecoms
  • Chemicals 
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Advisory Services
  • Transport Services 
  • Creative Industries

A list of members have been published on gov.uk website.