21 Jun 2023

Digital Forensics in the Cloud | Tackling VAWG and RASSO Impact Days

Digital Forensics is the process of acquiring, processing, reviewing and archiving digital evidence (typically mobile devices and PCs) in a robust and legally consistent manner in order to provide admissible evidence to support police investigations. A blog submitted by Microsoft for Tackling VAWG and RASSO Impact Days

Key Challenges

• Huge data volumes

• Strict standards around data handing and process (ISO 17025 and the Forensic Science Regulator Codes of Practice)

• Broad partner community

• Data processing time/complexity

• Officer access to Case data

• MOPI retention requirements (6, 10 and 99 years)

How Can Microsoft Help?

Help Digital Forensics Units (DFUs) to resolve cases more efficiently, better-protecting victims and convicting the offenders faster by utilising our cloud technology. Specifically:

• Design blueprints for partner-optimised processing solutions running on Azure

• Providing remote review capabilities to officers through AVD and 3rd-party solutions running in Azure

• Cost-effective and flexible storage

• MOPI-compliant archive solutions using Azure blob