26 Jan 2021

Defence Sourcing Portal Update

Please find a letter below from Andrew Forzani, Chief Commercial Officer at the MOD about the new Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP)

Dear Industry Partner,

The Launch of the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP)

Following on from the launch of the homepage earlier this month, I can confirm that we are on track for the full launch of the Defence Sourcing Portal on the 15th of February 2021.

I’d like to thank you for your support so far, we have already had more than 1,500 suppliers register on the DSP which is a key factor in enabling us to take this next step.

On the 15th February we will start using the DSP to advertise new opportunities, conduct prequalification, tender and subsequently evaluate tender submissions.

In readiness for this, there are a couple of things I’d like you to be aware of:

1) Managing Opportunities during Transition

• Up to the 15th of February, we will still advertise and run pre-qualification for new opportunities on our legacy platform, Defence Contracts Online (DCO). Opportunities started on DCO will remain there until they close, we will retire the platform once all ongoing opportunities on DCO are concluded.

• From the 15th February, all new opportunities will be advertised and tendered on the DSP. Any opportunities published prior to the 15th will continue to be completed on DCO.

• Both the DSP and DCO publish opportunities on the Contracts Finder and Find a Tender portals. For the period up to the point that all opportunities on DCO close, there will be opportunities on Contracts Finder & Find a Tender that have originated from either DCO or the DSP. It’s important to register interest for opportunities on the platform they originated from.

• The publishing date on the opportunity is the primary reference to use, however, we will ensure that there is further support and guidance covering this both on the published opportunities and on the DSP homepage.

2) Using the DSP • The DSP Supplier User Guide is now available, both on the DSP login landing page for those already registered, and here on gov.uk.

• Please note that there is absolutely no charge for registering or using the DSP.

• The DSP helpdesk is available if you are experiencing any issues with registration and will be there to support you as needed from the 15th of February as we move into the full launch. All details can be found at www.contracts.mod.uk.

Again, thank you for your support so far, the launch of the DSP represents a significant step in modernising and improving the way we interact with our partners, and we are looking forward to the full launch on the 15th February. Until then I ask that you:

1. If not already registered, please register your organisation’s details on the DSP in readiness for the full launch and browse the content on the new homepage.

2. Continue to participate in our market opportunities listed on the Defence Contacts Online website, accessible directly at www.dcocontracts.mod.uk, or through the ‘VIEW OPPORTUNITIES’ button on the DSP homepage.

3. Look out for news and updates on the new DSP homepage.

4. Tell us what you think of the DSP by emailing us at [email protected] – we really appreciate your feedback.

Further information can be found here and again, please contact [email protected] if there are any further questions you would like to ask.