08 Jan 2021
by Tom Henderson, techUK

Contribute a case study to techUK’s landmark digital twins report!

techUK is aiming to kick-off 2021 in style with the release of a landmark report ‘Unlocking value across the UK’s digital twin ecosystem’.

This report, which is being developed by techUK’s core Digital Twin Working Group, will be made available for techUK-wide comment and review between the 1 – 9 February 2021.

Crucially, we are on the lookout for eye-catching digital case studies (for inclusion in the report) arriving from the following domains:

  • Energy supply & net zero
  • Movement of people and goods
  • Productivity, manufacturing & engineering
  • Built environment & geospatial
  • Public sector & public good
  • Non-physical (e.g. cyber security, finance etc.)

Key areas that we are interested in relate to:

  1. What is the focus of the digital twin? (i.e. component, asset, process, system, system-of-system?)
  2. Why have you opted for a digital twin approach? / What is the scope of decision-support? (i.e. strategy & planning, performance optimisation, assurance etc.)
  3. How long is the expected lifespan of the digital twin?
  4. What is the time horizon for the intervention supported by the digital twin? (i.e. from real-time to long-term)
  5. What technical components are required to deploy the digital twin?
  6. Have you used any data standards for DT input or output data?
  7. Have you documented and / or shared the in- / output meta data?
  8. Has the DT been integrated with another DT?

If you would like to contribute a case study, get in touch with [email protected] today to find out more! (N.B. the deadline for case study submission is the 9 February 2021.


Tom Henderson, techUK