Carbon Emissions Tax – techUK consultation response submitted

techUK argues for a pragmatic approach to ultra-low emitters in this potential replacement for EU ETS in the event of a no deal

The consultation on a Carbon Emissions Tax in the UK closed yesterday. See:

This provides an alternative unilateral approach for scope 1 emissions previously captured under EUETS in the event that we leave the EU with No Deal.  It is not related to wider EU proposals on carbon taxation.  Data centres should qualify as ultra low emitters, provided facilities submitted details in the NIMS process last year.  The proposals retain these exemptions but have not defined what level of monitoring is required to demonstrate compliance, or whether there will be a direct route to this scheme for new sites.  We submitted a short response to ask for

  • A pragmatic approach in monitoring generator emissions on the basis that calculating is more accurate than measuring and
  • That new facilities should be eligible for the ultra-low emitters scheme without having to spend an entire phase battling with the full scheme.

See our response below.