11 Aug 2021

Call for blogs | Building the Smarter State Week #techUKSmarterState

On the 13 – 17 September we are running Building the Smarter State Week #techUKSmarterState

On the 13 – 17 September we are delighted to be running Building the Smarter State Week #techUKSmarterState in the run up to the seventh edition of our flagship public services conference, Building the Smarter State, which will take place on 22 September. For the last six years the conference has successfully attracted digital leaders from across the breadth of public and the private sectors to showcase how technology is shaping today’s and tomorrow’s public services – helping to build a smarter state. 

It’s now been ten years since the launch of the report that led to the founding of the Government Digital Service, and it feels like the UK is on the cusp of the next big leap forward in digital Government. The decade since has witnessed both significant disruption and progression in public sector transformation.

Returning for a sixth year this year’s conference will explore the legacy of COVID-19, the changes that 2021 has seen in public procurement, the key leaders in the heart of Government brought in to supercharge digitisation and efforts to address the legacy estate, harness data and develop capability across the public sector.

Through blogs and case studies this week aims to explore themes from the next big leap forward in digital Government and how we get that journey right, including the key issues and technologies that will usher in the next decade, to how technology can improve citizen outcomes and the impact COVID-19 has had on public procurement.

A different theme has been assigned to each day of the week, which can be viewed below.

If you would like to contribute, we would require a blog piece of around 400-600 words, a blog title, and a 150-character description for the sub-title. The blogs will feature on the techUK website and will be promoted via Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the week. 

If you are interested in contributing a blog for one or more of the below themes, please send your blog through to [email protected] no later than COP on Thursday 9 September. 

The themes for the week are as follows:

The next ten years: The key challenges and technologies that will usher in the next decade of public service transformation

A citizen-centric Smarter State: How we can put citizens at the heart of public service transformation, foster an inclusive and accessible environment to make this a reality and the technologies that will enable it

The impact of COVID-19: Exploring the impact COVID-19 has had on public procurement and how technology can continue to support public services as we move forward

A data-driven Smarter State: Looking at the aims and ambitions of the National Data Strategy and current areas of best practice when it comes to harnessing data across the public sector, identifying barriers, and how to address them

Overcoming challenges: What we have seen in the last ten years, lessons learnt, areas of best practice, challenges that have been overcome

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Ellie Huckle

Ellie Huckle

Programme Manager, Central Government, techUK

Henry Rex

Henry Rex

Associate Director, Public Sector, techUK

Jill Broom

Programme Manager, Cyber Security & Central Government, techUK

Julia Ofori-Addo

Julia Ofori-Addo

Programme Assistant, BSG, Central Government, Financial Services Team, Comms Infrastructure, techUK