05 Nov 2020

Becoming accessible: Learnings from Gravesham Borough Council

Guest blog: Dania Software share a case study from Gravesham Borough on their journey to accessibility

In the past months Gravesham Borough Council has topped the Silktide charts of web accessibility. Achieving results like these requires a structured and a thoroughly planned approach. In Gravesham Borough Council they started out by pin-pointing the very core of web accessibility – where does it begin?

The journey starts with realising that everyone must have the ability to be part of society on equal terms. Once you know where you need to go, dividing the process of becoming accessible into incremental steps makes it possible to comply with WCAG.

In Gravesham Borough Council they quickly realised that the journey to accessibility can be split up into two major areas: the websites and the documents.

One thing is building an accessible website and being done with it, an entirely other thing is the constant flow of new documents that must be tagged for accessibility in order to comply with the guidelines. Making sure that the process of creating accessible documents is simple and intuitive for everyone can be quite a headache.

At Gravesham Borough Council they found that a semi-automated solution which makes it possible to create accessible documents directly in Microsoft 365 is the best way to ensure document accessibility.

“AccessibilityFixer empowers users to work independently.”

– Darren Everden, Assistant Director (IT and Transformation), Gravesham Borough Council

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