21 Jul 2023
by ThreeTwoFour

Enhancing ESG with robust cyber security (Guest blog by ThreeTwoFour)

Guest blog by ThreeTwoFour

In this guest blog, ThreeTwoFour explore the evolving landscape of cybersecurity within the realm of environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and discusses why it is crucial for organisations to prioritise cybersecurity as an integral part of their ESG strategies.

We discuss why cyber security is becoming an increasingly important element of ESG due to:

  • Heightened public awareness of data privacy and the protection of digital identities, which requires organisations to establish trust in their consumer relationships.
  • The threat from cyber security incidents to national infrastructure and the environmental and social impact of any resulting disasters; and
  • The ever-increasing reliance on interconnected supply chains, in which it is critical to prevent vulnerabilities and breaches that could impact the integrity and reliability of products and services.

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