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Consumer Rights Group

A new programme created in 2023 to engage the government on legislation and regulations relating to consumer rights. The initial activities are focusing around the upcoming Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill (DMCC) bill, particularly around the prevention of fake reviews and requirements around subscription service models. This programme will also be consulted when we develop our response to the UK Product Safety Review (expected mid-2023).

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techUK talks with... Nicola Hodson, Chief Executive, in the UK and Ireland, IBM

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Join techUK for an exciting series of techUK talks with tech leaders from across the country exploring how we can use technology to build a better future for the UK’s economy, people, society, and the planet. 

On 26 June our guest is Nicola Hodson, Chief Executive in the UK and Ireland, IBM. techUK CEO Julian David will explore Nicola’s experience of leading tech businesses in the UK, and the oppiortunities and challenges to the UK becoming a science and tech superpower.