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techUK President's Award

techUK is pleased to launch our inaugural President's Award, celebrating the positive contributions of our members.

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techUK members – we are calling on you to nominate a colleague who has made a significant contribution or positive difference to People, Society, the Economy, or the Planet through their work with technology.



This person and their work is inspirational, innovative, and impactful. Their impact is not based on scale but on the difference it makes; they could be effecting real change for a small distinct community or enabling larger scale interventions across countries, or the planet. ​

We are looking for trailblazers, problem-solvers, and future-looking geniuses who are making the world a better place through technology.​ There are four categories to choose from - People, Society, Economy, and the Planet. There will be one President’s Award winner for each of the ​four categories​.

Can you think of someone you'd like to nominate?

We invite you to submit one nomination per member company. Nominations close on 26 April.

techUK's President Awards winners will be announced at the techUK Annual Dinner, taking place on 5 July in London. Shortlisted nominees for each category will be invited to the Annual Dinner as our guests.


Learn more about the President's Award from Sheila Flavell, techUK President and COO at the FDM Group. 


Award categories


Someone who, through technology, has made a demonstrable impact on well-being, upskilling and/or diversity and inclusion – this can be from a small distinct group to a national or international intervention. 


Someone who, through technology, has enabled society, from micro to macro, to work better, live better, interact better, enable growth and deliver value.


Someone who, through technology, has enabled improvements, mitigated risk, protected funds, facilitated advancements in financial planning and supported the growth of the economy.


Someone who, through technology, is protecting the ground we walk on, the seas we swim in and the biodiversity around us. From small interventions to large-scale innovations, helping us to protect and nurture the planet we live on.


Entry form 

We encourage nominations from every one of our member companies, shining a spotlight on those individuals who are making the world a better place through tech. The entry needs to either be submitted by your company’s techUK Authorised Representative - the main contact we have for your company - or they can delegate this to you. Please note we can only accept one nomination per member company. Read the FAQ's below for more information. 


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Awards entry criteria - FAQs

Who can enter?​

The awards are free to enter and are a member benefit. Anyone from a techUK member company is eligible. We can accept only ONE entry from each member company (regardless of category). The nomination should be submitted by your company's techUK Authorised Representative.

How many entries can we submit?

Only one entry per member company. Please note this is not one entry per category.

Can I nominate myself?​

Yes you can, but the entry needs to either be submitted by your company’s techUK Authorised Representative (Auth Rep) - the main contact we have for your company - or it can be delegated to yourself to do this by them. 

How do I know who my Authorised Representative is?

When you log in to the techUK website, your company's Authorised Representative is shown on your personalised homepage, under your company name. Alternatively, you can always email [email protected] and we will let you know.

Award category nomination examples

Please note this is not an exhaustive list, just an idea of some of the things we are looking for.

techUK President’s Award - People

Examples of passionate people who have led:

  • The initiative in their company for inclusion and diversity.​

  • New tech that identifies and encourages representation from all cultures in a platform.​

  • A project that puts the well-being of people at the heart of its application.​

  • Online safety protocols for vulnerable audiences.​

  • New medical tech or processes for a particular illness or diagnostic.​


techUK President’s Award - Society

Examples of passionate people who have led:

  • A project that enables community cohesion.​

  • A project around education for all ages and groups.​

  • New tech that makes life easier for vulnerable groups.​

  • New tech or platform that enables local groups to interact and grow.​

  • New tech/service/solution around travel.


techUK President’s Award - Economy

Examples of passionate people who have led:

  • Initiatives within their company for financial planning and risk (cyber) mitigation​.

  • New tech or process to support growth for SMEs​.

  • New initiatives that mark the UK as the lead in certain tech​.

  • New tech to enable people to have better control over their finances.


techUK President’s Award - Planet

Examples of passionate people who have led:

  • Initiatives either within their company or for a wider pool of people to support the climate agenda.​

  • Tech solutions to enable easier recycling, reusing etc..​

  • Breakthrough in an element around energy production from renewable sources.​

  • Champion their firm’s work to reach net zero, with wider implications.​

  • Initiatives to support SMEs and communities to meet net zero.

How do I enter?​

1. Speak to your techUK Authorised Representative to discuss​.

2. If you are filling out the form, this can be found here

3. Press submit and good luck!

How do I know if my nomination is shortlisted?

If you’re one of the lucky ones, we will email you with the good news in June. This email will come from [email protected] so please check your junk/spam just in case.​

If your nomination is shortlisted, we will invite the nominee to come into our techUK offices to deliver a short (10 min) presentation to our judging panel.

What happens if I win?

The award winners will be announced at the techUK Annual Dinner, taking place on 5 July in London. All shortlisted nominees will be invited to the Annual Dinner as our guest.


Awards timeline

Awards open for nominations 1 March
Nominations close 26 April
Shortlist announcement June
Winners and highly commended announced at techUK Annual Dinner 5 July


Judging panel

techUK has convened a stellar panel to judge these awards:

techUK Annual Dinner 2023

techUK's President's Awards winners will be announced at the techUK Annual Dinner, taking place on 5 July in London. We will award one winner for each category. All shortlisted nominees will be invited to the Annual Dinner as our guest. Our Annual Dinner is the established, must-attend business dinner in our calendar. It brings together all the key figures in the tech industry, government and significant stakeholders for an enjoyable and influential evening.

Learn more and book here

For more information about techUK President's Awards, please contact:  

Juliet Leach

Juliet Leach

Interim Associate Director Communications, Marketing and Membership

Juliet leads the communications, brand, marketing, events and membership teams for techUK. Working closely with the digital, market and policy teams, Juliet will also strategically address how best we can engage with potential members, support our existing members, and offer real value for all our members and stakeholders.

Juliet is a global brand, communications, marketing and stakeholder expert having worked in the membership sector for almost twenty years and for significant brand and marketing agencies prior to that. She has experience building and growing brands across international territories, growing memberships, and advancing the profile of flagship events and activity to gain national and international partnerships, media coverage and engagement.

[email protected]
07909 917396

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