techUK continues to explore the opportunities, challenges, and implications that cloud technologies will bring in the future world of work.

Following our event on how cloud can support the changing needs of the digital workforce beyond COVID-19?, we found three things that cloud is a crucial prefix for post-pandemic: infrastructure, security, and skills. And all three impact the future of work.

This panel session will not only look at cloud skills for industries of today and tomorrow, but also how cloud is enabling automation and data-driven decision-making, and the changing structure of workforces as a result of digital transformation in organisations.

The panel will consider:

  • As more firms shift their operations to the cloud and workers increasingly work from home, how can businesses ensure security and that their digital infrastructure is fit for purpose?
  • As automation becomes the default and business models shift to accommodate digital-first strategies, how can we overcome the growing shortage of skills and talent?
  • What are the skills workers need to take advantage of the cloud-enabled workplace and how well do businesses understand the workforce implications of cloud adoption?

Discover how cloud and automation will power the future of work and how your business can take advantage of the tools out there.

Speakers to be announced in the coming weeks.

techUK is running a series of events exploring what we consider to be some of the biggest future of work questions facing us today.

Right now, tech businesses are facing ever growing digital skills shortages and talent concerns. As technologies continue to become more widely adopted, the nature of work will change, and whole new industries and roles will be created. How we enable companies to take advantage of these opportunities and prepare workforces to adapt to these changes are critical policy discussions. Please get in touch with Nimmi Patel for more information.