This webinar will bring together industry leaders to explore the key technologies underpinning cloud gaming and the main challenges and opportunities for game development, innovation & widespread adoption.

It's taking place as part of techUK's ongoing Gaming & Esports campaign. Since January, this has explored how the UK can lead on the development, application and commercialisation of the key technologies set to underpin the gaming & Esports sectors of the future.


 Additional speakers will be announced shortly.

Discussion topics

  • How has cloud gaming evolved in recent years and how does cloud computing support the gaming industry more broadly?

  • What key technologies underpin the sector and have potential for future growth? 
  • What challenges should businesses expect to encounter as cloud gaming continues to grow and how can they overcome these?

  • How can technology companies and gamers benefit from a cloud-native approach to game development?

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Event organisers

Chris Hazell

Chris Hazell

Programme Manager - Cloud, Tech and Innovation, techUK

Rory Daniels

Rory Daniels

Programme Manager, Emerging Technologies