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As AI changes work, workers will need the skills to work with, on, or alongside this technology. This will elevate the importance of technology and digital competence for workers, whilst increasing automation will put an emphasis on their less automatable human and soft skills too. These soft skills, such as critical thinking and communication, and human expertise, including domain-specific and business knowledge, will be key to working with AI tools and their outputs in practice. However, most companies report an AI skills gap, with many noting a lack of both technical and soft skills.

Moreover, the skills need of the future economy is uncertain and evolving. AI will develop alongside other emerging technologies, changing work and jobs in new ways. Workers will therefore need access to the flexible lifelong learning and training opportunities that are best placed to support upskilling and job transitions in a dynamic future.

Join us for a lively panel session that will discuss how we can ensure the UK has the skills it needs now to capitalise on transformational technologies like AI, including the role of the national curriclum, short modular courses and apprenticeships, to build an education and training ecosystem fit for the future.


10:30-10:45 Opening from techUK

10:45-11:30 In-conversation with senior government Minister

11:30-12:15 Industry panel

12:15-end Networking lunch