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Developments in AI have brought the issue of skills into sharp relief, raising questions about how we can ensure the UK has the skills it needs to capitalise on AI, but also how we can prepare people for a dynamic and evolving future. BCS and UCAS found that new starts for digital apprenticeships were up by 10%, with a 27% year on year increase of its final assessments of IT apprenticeships, fuelled in part by the surging profile of AI.

techUK has long supported the growth of apprenticeships and showcased the role they can play in upskilling the country, particularly in those technical skills that will be critical to many of the jobs of the future.

Whilst AI underpins the need for a more flexible learning and education ecosystem to meet the pace of change, this should not come at the expense of apprenticeships. Tackling longstanding skills gaps will require leveraging the many avenues to upskilling and pathways into digital jobs.

Apprenticeships must be at heart of the strategy to level up skills right across the UK, providing distinct opportunities to learn through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, for careers in areas including data science and AI. However, it is important to remember that AI will require not just data and machine learning experts, but also those well-versed in enabling and complementary technologies too.

This event will bring together industry leaders, educators, policymakers to explore how SMEs can be supported to capitalise on apprenticeships and how apprenticeships can adapt to meet the evolving demands of the digital era.


10:00-10:10 Opening from techUK

10:10-10:25 Keynote

10:25-11:25 Panel

11:25-11:30 Event close


Brooke Hodgson

Brooke Hodgson

Chief Operating Officer, Baltic Apprenticeships

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Dimple Khagram

Dimple Khagram

Founder, Purple Beard

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