Over recent years we have seen an increased engagement from regulators across the globe with respect to artificial intelligence, including in the financial services arena where AI is already having a profound impact.

AI is a constantly evolving disruptive technology posing novel ethical challenges and as a result, law and regulation have struggled to keep up with it. As a result, differing approaches to regulation across regions and sectors – including the finance sector – are emerging. Certain areas of law have also responded in their own way, such as data protection law and competition law.

Overall, the regulation of AI continues to be a complex and evolving area requiring a multidisciplinary legal approach. During this panel discussion, speakers will focus on the position for market participants in the UK and:

  • Explore existing and evolving financial and data protection regulation, and the compliance requirements that would apply to AI’s use in finance
  • Practical guidance to address some of the key ethical challenges relating to the use of AI in the financial services sector
  • Assess the potential impact of the EU’s proposal for AI specific, cross-sector regulation on the financial services sector and discuss how the UK might respond in terms of aligning or diverging.

Confirmed panellists:

  • Jennifer Calver, Tech Sector and Fintech Senior Associate, Linklaters (Moderator)
  • Guillaume Couneson, Partner / Senior Technology, Telecommunications & Privacy Law Specialist, Linklaters
  • Harriet Rees, Head of Data Science, Starling Bank
  • Simon Treacy, Fintech Senior Associate, Linklaters
  • Oliver Thew, Senior Fintech Specialist, Bank of England

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