YuLife is insurance that inspires life. YuLife has shifted group risk insurance to a proactive model where their policies decrease risk by helping individuals live healthier lives. YuLife provide techUK members with preferential rates.

YuLife is insurance that inspires life. YuLife has shifted group risk insurance to a proactive model where their policies decrease risk by helping individuals live healthier lives. 

  • The YuLife app encourages positive daily habits, like walking and meditating by rewarding individuals with Avios miles, vouchers and gift cards
  • YuLife provides access to medical treatment in the event of ill health
  • YuLife members have access to preventative solutions such as 24/7 telemedicine and mental health support
  • YuLife provides a simple, cost effective way for techUK members, helping their people live well and take care of themselves
  • YuLife provides financial security for your employee's family in the event of death of an employee

YuLife Group Risk Insurances (Group Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness) are underwritten by AIG and include comprehensive health and wellbeing programme. 

What insurance products are part of YuLife?

Group Life Insurance: A tax-free lump sum to an employee’s beneficiaries (usually their dependents) in the event of death. Access a free-to-use probate helpline to navigate the potentially tricky legal, financial and tax issues resulting from a death.
Note: Premiums are paid for by employers, with no P11D charge for employees.

Group Income Protection: A sum paid out monthly for the duration that an ill employee is unable to work, acting as a salary replacement - based on % of salary protected, deferred period, and duration of protection. 
Vocational rehabilitation programme, provided by Proclaim Care, is included to help employees get back to work when ready. 
Note: Premiums are paid for by employers, with no P11D charge for employees. 

Group Critical Illness: A tax-free lump sum if an employee or their child becomes ill with one of the defined illnesses. 12 core illnesses covered with 29 additional illnesses available as an optional extra (for a small extra cost). Total permanent disability is included.
Note: Premiums are paid for by employers, with no P11D charge for employees. 

What is the daily wellness and engagement with YuLife?

Participate in Health Quests & Challenges: YuLife has over 200 levels to engage and inspire your team members, with daily quests and challenges to maintain and reward engagement.

  • Streaks: Complete a challenge 5-days in a row, receive bonus YuCoin
  • Chests: Unlock bonus YuCoin every 7 quests
  • Campaigns and Surges: Surges around key events throughout the year (e.g., World Health Day) where the amount of YuCoin a team member can earn increases.

Earn “YuCoin”: YuCoin is YuLife’s “currency of wellbeing” (reward currency) that team members earn for daily in-app activity including: 

  • Daily steps: Improve physical wellbeing for any ability with a short stroll (5 minutes), brisk walk (10 minutes) or long walks (30 minutes)
  • Mindful minutes: Boost mental wellbeing with 3-10 minutes of mindfulness (such as breathing exercises or meditation)

Redeem Rewards: Cash in YuCoin, YuLife’s wellbeing currency, for Avios air miles or amazing gift vouchers from daily purchases from amazon to a new pair of trainers from Nike. 

Sync with digital health apps: YuLife instantly syncs with Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Health as well as Calm and Headspace

What is the mental health support provided with YuLife?

YuMatter (Employee Assistance Programme): Access to mental health support including face-to-face counselling (or virtual), support services (managing money, relationships, family, work), crisis support (rapid response to critical incident), self-direct CBT and life coaching. YuMatter is powered by Workplace Options, the world’s leading integrated employee support and work-life service provider. 

Calm Meditation App: 3-month free subscription to the world-leading app for meditation to help employees sleep better and decrease stress and anxiety.

What healthcare is provided with YuLife?

  • Private Doctor (GP): 24/7 Virtual GP with unlimited access for immediate family members (children up to 21 years) 
  • 2nd medical opinion
  • Medical prescriptions delivered via courier to address of choice 
  • Additional Wellbeing Support: Nutrition advice, health check and online fitness programmes
  • YuLife’s virtual GP and health service is provided by AIG’s Smart Health and available to all of its members

What additional financial wellbeing resources are included?

  • Farewill: All YuLife members receive a free will writing service from the # 1 will-writer. Employees can complete their Will in minutes with live support 7 days a week 
  • Moneyhub: All YuLife members receive a free 6-month subscription to Moneyhub, a leading financial app that puts all their accounts, investment and borrowing in one place. 

What data and insights are available through YuLife?

YuLife’s user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to add and invite employees, demonstrate engagement, and show improvements in mental and physical wellbeing. Usage and MI Reports include wellbeing trend reports, app engagement and EAP usage. 

  • Engagement Data: Daily, weekly and month participation metrics with insights into the wellbeing behaviour patterns including when challenges are completed during the day and demographic and geographic usage. 
  • Health Impact Data: Pulse surveys to provide insight on employees’ perceptions of key metrics such as productivity, morale, energy levels at work, business performance and profitability, happiness and mental health as a result of YuLife. 

What is YuLife’s premium and tax position?

YuLife’s health and wellbeing services are all included under the life premium - the life premium is a tax-deductible business expense. For the employee, there is no P11D liability with death benefit being paid out tax free to a discretionary trust. 

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