Strategies and Proposals for Must Win Deals

Why should you choose this course?

Squeezed budgets and workforce reductions have made the traditional ‘bid for three and expect (hope) to win one’ model unworkable. Being more selective in bidding demands a better win rate to make the numbers add up.

The challenge is enabling your bid contributors to collectively hit a better win rate, and then maintain it, when everyone is already maxed out working on your must-win deals?

The solution is to uplift your people's skills while they work these deals by sending them on this course.

Why should you attend this course?

  • The interactive session uses ‘live’ deals as the basis for learning
  • Delivers immediate value with zero impact on ‘business as usual’ - learnings applied directly to pipeline deals
  • Delivers long-term value – embeds improved process, learning and behaviour
  • 10+ years provenance
  • Multiple Proof Points / ROI cases
  • Immediately impact the must-win deals in your pipeline and smash your number going forward

Who should attend the course?

Anyone with a stake in your must-win deals:

  • Sales People
  • Sales Directors
  • Senior Sales Leaders
  • Head of Bid Management
  • tBid Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Consultants

What is the course outcome?

Attendees leave with a methodology and tools to develop win strategies and proposals that consistently convert must-win deals. An immediate impact on current sales pipeline – learnings applied to ‘live’ must-win deals. Increases current and future effectiveness of bid contributors with zero impact on business as usual.

What is the course agenda?

A 1 Day on-site workshop covering the Get to Great® ten-step methodology:

Coffee and Registration from 9.00-9.30am
Introduction and course outline from 9.30am

The ten key stages:

Pre-workshop background reading and analysis by key bid team members (offline)

  1. Requirements Analysis
  2. Solution Definition
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Risk Analysis
  5. Differentiators
  6. High-level Bid Strategy
  7. Management Summary Planning
  8. Management Summary Development
  9. Section Analysis & Planning
  10. Question Analysis & Planning

Who is the course leader?

Chris Whyatt has over 20 years experience in successful strategic bid development. Founding Director of the UK chapter of APMP, acting as their COO for the first three years. Created Get to Great® - Strategies and Proposals for Must-Win Deals for British Nuclear Fuels in 2004. Subsequently developed and deployed as win strategy and proposal development tool in dozens of global organisations including Microsoft, LogicaCMG and most recently at Cyient. Unlike many trainers Chris is still actively practising his craft and has worked with TechUK for the last ten years, delivering this and other programmes with great success.


techUK Members - £445.00 + VAT

Non Members - £645.00 + VAT


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