Guide to Artificial Intelligence - For the Business User

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Why should you choose this course?

Data is a change agent that challenges the ways in which business leaders have traditionally made decisions. Used effectively, analytics provides accurate business models and forecasts to support better decision making across all facets of a business. AI is radically different to all other emerging technologies. It has the power to massively change how an organisation functions and competes

The overall goal of this program is to ensure that participants understand the data analytics and Artificial Intelligence landscape in more detail so that they have sufficient understanding and knowledge to understand how these technologies may impact their business today and in the future.

This is not a technical course, it is for Business Leaders, Knowledge workers, and Functional Heads

The course will be 3.5 hours in duration including a 20 minutes break. 

Course Overview

  • Digital Transformation
  • Big Data explained (Market dynamics + Business Intelligence vs. Data Analytics)
  • What is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)? A broad overview of terms and technology
  • What impact is AI having on existing industries right now?
    • What business problems can AI help solve?
    • Use cases of AI today
  • An Executive's starter guide to data science/terminology
    • Probability - The measure of the likelihood that an event will occur
    • Inference - Probability distributions overlap
    • Regression - Estimating the relationships among variables
  • Deploying technology in the real world – the people factor
  • Data wrangling - Making data more appropriate and valuable
  • Data visualisation - Making data usable
  • Who should be involved in an AI project?
  • Team culture, capabilities and readiness
  • What is Blockchain and IoT and how will they be applied?
  • What are quantum computers? How do they work? What can they do? Will they impact the way we work in the future?
  • 5G - How will it effect on the market?
  • Summary of training and action planning
  • Personal Action Plan: Top 3 things you will action after this training


Who is the Course leader?

Jackie Down is an experienced, seasoned business, sales and marketing director with over 30 years working for several blue-chip software companies across diverse sectors and markets. With excellent experience focused on strategic planning and creative solution development for multiple objectives impacting corporate performance, she is an expert in helping clients and tech vendors alike develop successful strategies for exploiting AI and machine learning. 

Mike Fish founded BigData4Analytics to help organisations use data as fuel for improved performance and value. His leadership experience spans blue-chip companies, high-growth technology businesses and Big 4 management consulting with the most data-intensive clients in the world. An accredited Executive Coach, Mike has worked with both Microsoft and Grant Thornton, mentoring business leaders up to Board level - in HR, Sales & Marketing, Digital and Finance functions.


What is the cost of the course?

techUK Members - £295.00

Non Members - £495.00
(Prices exclude VAT)


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    Business Services Manager
    T 020 7331 2194

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