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Why should you choose this course?

In today’s world, we have an abundance of tasks and distractions throughout the day. According to the productivity expert Dr. Wetmore, we spend 80% of our time dealing with low priority tasks and only 20% dealing with high priority activities – the question is how to change this equation.

The Gold Model is the first method to align our daily tasks and to prioritize our short and long term goals in all areas on which we would like to focus. 

In this course, you will learn a holistic time management method that will help you to become more productive in all aspects of your life.    

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who would like to improve his/her  time management skills
  • Managers facing lots of tasks and challenges delegating
  • Those with difficulties setting priorities in a dynamic environment
  • Employees in a new position who would like a smooth transition into their new role

What is the course outcome?

Optimization of time management skills, which will improve several aspects in your life, such as decision making and self-fulfilment.

With the help of the Gold Model you will get measurable and sustainable results and experience an immediate sense of achievement.

The model will drown out the day to day ‘noise’ and allow you to concentrate on your most important tasks.     

What is the agenda?

Vision and Goals

Learn how to define the vision and the goals for specific areas and the main difference between them. 

Applying the Gold Model

The five steps include:

  • Choosing the areas on which to focus
  • Allocating a specific time for each area
  • Applying the Gold Model – involves a vision as well as short and long term goals for each area
  • Incorporating the model into one’s weekly planner
  • Revising  the model on a daily basis

Personal feedback system and nurturing of the new habit

Learn how to identify challenges and find solutions for your areas of focus.

Feedback system that includes the components below:

  •  Task Optimisation Tool
  •   Achievements
  •   Challenges and solutions
  •   Revise KPI’s
  •   Opportunities
  •   Revise main goals for the next 7 days
  •   Revise the short term goal
  •   Golden task
  •   Tasks to delegate
  •   Action points 

Who is the course leader?

Ron Lev is an experienced entrepreneur, working with top clients from the retail industry. 

He is the creator of the Gold Model method, which is presented and implemented at universities, companies and by individuals. 

He has previously developed and implemented other methodologies that have improved the productivity of individuals and organisations in tens of percent. 


Manager’s workshop at Medtronic, Oren Weingarten, Sr. Manager Software and Site Manager, Medtronic

“Ron presents the workshop in a clear and pleasant manner, and he is proactively supportive.

The application of workshop contents is practical and doesn’t require too much effort.

The content is very clear and focuses on a method to hone in on the completion of very important tasks.

The weekly plan makes it possible to reserve the diary for important tasks only and thereby prevent unwanted changes.

The daily recording and supervision makes it easier to monitor progress, which enables  the tracking of “wasted” or inefficient use of time.

The workshop requires you to start a new habit. Some people might find it difficult to take the first step or adapt permanently to such change, but those who succeed benefit greatly.

The topic covered is not a simple one, but the workshop deals with it in a very clever way. “


Cambridge University (Judge Business School) Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship Student


“I learned that your vision and long-term and short-term missions are crucial. What I have noticed so far is just how much easier I am finding to push through building my various entrepreneurial projects -AND- studying at a world-leading institution such as Cambridge University Judge Business School.

By starting my day with clarity on my vision and long/short-term mission. It has been easier to list 3-5 high-priority tasks to complete to move me closer towards achieving my goals.

Now that I realise that there are only so many minutes in the week => 10,800 to be precise! I can let go of activities, tasks and commitments that don’t serve me. What’s more, I don’t have to worry about justifying it any more - I mean, there are simply only so many minutes in a day! ”

Shalom Michaeli, Director of Publisher Development  at Fyber

"After one month of implementing the Gold Model I saw an increase of 40% in the most important tasks that relate directly to my short and long-term goals."  

Mike Morris, Director UK Operations, MAESTRO Business

“Ron has developed simple yet powerful tools and techniques to simultaneously align medium and long-term goals with daily activities. Here, “simple” means “something you can do”, “powerful” means getting sustainable, measurable results, and an immediate sense of achievement.”

David Tawil, Co-Founder, Allocator

"The Gold Model helps me structure my time effectively to achieve my goals."

"By prioritising my tasks to fit my objectives, the model has kept me on track and laser-focused on the things that matter."

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