Analyst Launchpad: Training for Marketing Professionals

Analyst Launchpad

Learn the techniques and strategies to use industry analysts for tech marketing

  • Date: 28 March
  • Time: 13:30 – 17:00
  • Place: techUK
  • Registration starts at 13:15

Industry analysts are becoming important influencers of company’s sales and investment potential, particularly for start-up and SME segments. A mounting evidence suggests that utilisation of these industry analyst firms for scaling-up and internationalisation can offer real benefits for start-ups and SMEs through increased attention and essential forms of ‘credentialising’. Since industry analyst outputs are widely read by technology adopters and investors, those pitching to industry analysts can gain greater ‘visibility’, ‘sales enquiries’, and ‘investment’. As a result, pitching to analysts is quickly becoming recognised as a critical practice in fiercely competitive tech markets where attention gets funneled to some enterprises and away from others. The UK’s start-ups and SMEs are however often at a disadvantaged position and there is a steep learning curve needed for UK tech companies in order to get them into the radar of global analyst firms.

techUK is delighted to partner with the Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS) to provide tech companies with a training course for scaling up and internationalizing your business through the endorsement economy.  

What Is the Course About?

The training course will help you move your analyst relations programme from activities that analysts are unlikely to use and in practice forget within days to those that engineer their way into an analyst’s brain through deep knowledge of the analyst’s view of covered markets to conjure rapid understanding and a beneficial change in analyst behavior.

In this course, you will be introduced to all the core fundamentals of Analyst Relations so that you understand what your analyst relations programme must contain if it is to deliver lasting, valuable analyst influence.

You will see how to create highly effective briefings for your analyst relations programme and you will learn how to analyse analysts deeply to win them over as fast as possible.

In addition, you will learn all the key components of an analyst relations programme designed to deliver manifest business value.

In particular, the course will introduce you to the fundamental insights that you will need to:

  • Clarify what analysts do, how they perceive their jobs, and what this means for the value you can extract from them, and the mechanisms you will need to derive it.
  • Understand the components of analyst relations strategy, and how this helps you promote programme value internally.
  • Define the core of an analyst relations programme so that you focus energy on the most important proceses.
  • Recognise which analysts will, and will not, prove useful to you.
  • Build a group of spokespeople and customer references who will help you deliver effective analyst interactions and messages
  • Deliver effective analyst briefings, handle analyst requests, and participate strongly in analyst reports
  • Assess and track your analyst relations prowess

Who Should Attend?

The training course is particularly suitable for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs with plans to scaling up and internationalizing. In particular, it is tailored for:

  • Analyst relations professionals
  • Technology marketing professionals
  • Corporate communications professionals
  • PR professionals
  • CEOs whose responsibilities include hands-on analyst relations
  • CMOs
  • Product managers whose responsibilities include analyst relations

What Is the Course Outcome?

Participants will learn to provide highly effective briefings and analyst relations programmes. Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognise how analyst and analyst relations briefing objectives differ and what you must do to satisfy both parties
  • Plan agendas, content, participants, and collateral in support of clear briefing objectives
  • Recognise the impact of analyst memory and confidence on your success, and plan to grow both of them
  • Create enticing briefing invitations
  • Prepare and give your first briefings
  • Monitor the progress of your own briefings in real time and correct their course in real time too
  • Ramp up your briefings to tier 1 analysts by using analyst preferences that you’ve analysed deeply beforehand
  • Recognise and address some of the challenges unique to service vendors (while seeing what product vendors can learn from these solutions too) and the challenges that arise when briefings form part of marquee vendor evaluation reports
  • Assess radical approaches to briefings
  • Cut through the noise and get noticed

In addition, participants will obtain a real insight and understanding of how analysts’ endorsements can speed the international growth of your firm and will learn the rules required for your marketing communications with analysts to work.

As our partner in the Analyst Launchpad, the University of Edinburgh will issue to participants a Certificate for Successful Completion of the Analyst Launchpad: Training Course for Marketing Professionals.

What Is the Course Agenda?

  •        Who the analysts are?
  •        What do they do and why do they influence high tech markets?
  •        Strategies for influencing industry analysts
  •        Preparation of company spokespeople
  •        Review and development of appropriate, effective briefing materials
  •        Introduction to the secrets of the successful second pitch (pitching to industry analysts)
  •        Metrics for how to measure analyst relations effectively
  •        Tactics to get noticed and not disappear with the other ‘noise’

Who is the Course Leader?

The training course has been created by two co-directors of the Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS). The observatory is party of a programme at the school funded by the Economic and Social Research Council that aims to help technology start-ups and scale-ups to understand the process by which analysts’ endorsements lead to business growth.

Our course leaders have co-authored some of the most respected books on analysts and analyst relations, and both have more than a decade’s experience of researching analyst’ impact on technology selection.

Neil Pollock is a professor of social informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Until 2022, he will be leading a prestigious ESRC-funded programme to help scholars and UK businesses better understand how analysts impact technology markets. His book “How Industry Analysts Shape the Digital Future” is a detailed description of how analysts do their work and the impact they have on the formation of technology markets. He recently served on the board of the Institute for Industry Analyst Relations, which is the global industry association for technology companies to win analysts advocacy.

Duncan Chapple heads analyst relations at CCgroup, a public relations company that helps business-to-business providers to gain advocacy from analysts and the media. Duncan was previously a business applications analyst at Ovum, Europe’s biggest analyst house. Since then he’s helped over 100 technology companies to develop their relationships with the analysts that influence their markets, and their sales pipelines.  

What is the cost of the course?

techUK Members - £295.00 + VAT

Non Members - £495 + VAT

If you are not sure whether your company is a member of techUK, click here to check first to ensure you pay the correct price for the course you are booking. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact  

What others say about the Analyst Launchpad?

“Thank you for organising a very good session on Wednesday. I thought the agenda was just right and the UEBS team demonstrated that they really know their stuff <…> this event encouraged me to take a fresh look at the role of analysts and think about how I and my clients can make better use of this influential channel and develop it, strategically and tactically, into marketing and sales plans <…> In summary, it provided me with a great deal of food for thought and I look forward to the next event.” Neville Sankey, Founder, B Cubed

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