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  • Wednesday17Apr 2019
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    Time: 13:00 - 17:00

    Effective techniques and real-world examples to deliver value to your campaigns

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Learn how leading organisations have used a so-called ‘Agile’ mind-set to improve their effectiveness. Why is Customer Satisfaction up 50% in a global retail bank? How did a pharma retailer reduce turnaround times from 2 months to 2 hours?

Experience first-hand the mind-set and habits that the most ‘Agile’ leaders can develop in their Marketing teams. Explore effective techniques and real-world examples to help you decide how they may best be applied in your own arena. Traditionally part of the worlds of software development and manufacturing, the mind-set and leadership aspects of Agile and Lean are applicable to anyone trying to deliver value to their customers.  

Why should you choose this course?

  • You may be frustrated by long cycle times in your Marketing function
  • Lengthy reviews or long booking times may be delaying progress
  • You may be concerned about potentially negative hierarchies or organisational silos
  • You want an interactive way to explore secrets behind some real-world successes
  • Understand how firms have benefitted from an Agile approach with results including

o    Best Net Promoter Score in 17 years

o    Satisfaction up 10%

o    Positive sentiment best ever at 90%


Who should attend?

  • Anyone in Marketing and related disciplines interested in ways of improving team effectiveness
  • Anyone seeking to deliver earlier value in their campaigns
  • Leaders in any business function who want to understand the Agile mind-set from a non-IT perspective so that they can use it to improve the value delivered in their own teams 

What is the course outcome?

Delivering something of real value sooner to your clients is a key theme. You will take away techniques to help you decide on your most valuable priorities. You will learn how to negotiate campaign scope for a more achievable outcome and for earlier success. You will experience how you can facilitate and motivate teams that deliver on time, every time.  

What is the agenda?

A lively workshop peppered with thought-provoking team games. We first explore some fundamental Agile and Lean principles so that we can appreciate how the case study organisations achieved their impressive results. We learn how applying simple Agile principles to their Marketing function, a retail bank reported ‘staggering results’. We experiment hands-on with several techniques including a simple but highly collaborative planning approach that you can use to build stronger team commitment to meet campaign deadlines.  

Who is the course leader?

Laurence Wood, Agile Transformation Lead, Mastek UK.

Laurence is an Agile Leadership Coach at IndigoBlue (part of the Mastek Group) and has more than 25 years’ experience in Lean and Agile. He inspires teams and leaders in blue-chip organisations to deliver more value, more often. He is an APMG-accredited trainer for the AgilePM™ methodology and creator of the Real Roles educational team game series. 

Background Information

Customer Satisfaction up 50%: Astounding Agile Marketing Success

I have long been confident that an Agile mind-set can help teams and leaders outside of the software arena, its traditional home. As an example, my HR colleagues in Leeds have embraced the idea of visualising their work to clarify goals and motivate their team. Having a highly collaborative, but short daily meeting (standing up!) certainly helped them to better respond to changing business needs - and tackle inevitable problems more quickly.

So, when Esperance Barreto, a colleague from our Mastek UK Marketing team suggested that we might share some Agile knowledge with the techUK Marketing and Sales Group, I was keen to find out more.

The Art of Agile

We conducted a bespoke event in the City of London for techUK, aimed at helping Marketing delegates experience first-hand the mind-set and habits that Agile leaders strive to develop in their software delivery teams. Then, to explore some real Marketing examples together, in order to help delegates understand how they might apply these to their own world, far away from software delivery. Traditionally part of the software development world, the mind-set and leadership aspects of Agile are applicable to anyone trying to deliver value to their customers.

A Case in Point

Our research into Agile Marketing uncovered two interesting experiments that we explored together. Having applied Agile principles to their Marketing function, Santander bank reported ‘staggering results’ including:

-         Loyalty up 12%

-         Their best Net Promoter Score in 17 years

-         Satisfaction up 10%

-         Positive sentiment best ever at 90%


Having embraced Agile in part of their Marketing function, pharmaceutical chain Chemmart celebrated similar results including:

-         Customer Satisfaction Up 50%

-         Two-month request turnaround, now just two hours

-         Catalogue continued to win awards during experiment

-         Consistent pace during the change


In this lively workshop peppered with thought-provoking team games, we explored some fundamental Agile and Lean principles, in order to appreciate these results in more detail. 



techUK Members- £295.00 + VAT 

Non Members- £495.00 +VAT 


Venue: 10 St Bride Street’ London, EC4A 4AD

Max delegates in attendance: 12

Duration: Half day

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