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Whether a start-up, SME or FTSE 100 company, growth and sustainability are key to the longevity of your business. techUK’s ‘Upscale and Sustain your Business’ training courses are aimed at a variety of roles within the tech industry at all levels of seniority. These courses will help overcome the obstacles and challenges you may come across when working towards upscaling your business or securing its future.

If you are looking to refine your strategic thinking skills for growth or you want to learn how to lead a team effectively, you are looking for opportunities in areas such as Blockchain or need to take away practical skills in areas such as IT purchasing; we have a course that will help you and your company reach its goals.

Upcoming Grow Your Business training:

Grow Your Business training calendar

Engage the public sector

A valuable way of upscaling your business can be through engaging and selling into public sector markets. As well as the programme work techUK delivers to push the vital role technology plays in the public sector and society, we also provide access to practical public sector engagement training that can help you identify the markets you want to reach and gain an understanding of how to manage and move forward these often-complex processes.

If you want to know more about the how the NHS works from a tech perspective, the workings of central government and Whitehall, or government IT procurement networks such as G-Cloud, these are the courses for you.

Upcoming Engage the public sector training:

Engage the public sector training calendar

Protect your business

Having skills and knowledge that will protect your company and its assets from any undue risks that may arise is vital to the longevity of your business, no matter how big or small. Our ‘Protect your Business’ suite of training courses provides both classroom workshops and online sessions for people like you in roles across the IT industry, from intermediate through to advanced level.

Courses range from Software Licensing and Cyber Security through to the nitty gritty of Contract Law, Service Level Agreements and national legislation updates that could affect the future of your company. Check out the courses we have on offer and consider arming yourself with the protection you need to mitigate any risks that could be on the horizon.

Upcoming Protect your business training:

Protect your business training calendar

Understand successful selling

Whether at the ‘approach’, ‘pitch’ or ‘close’ stage in the sales pipeline, sometimes you need more than just the ‘gift of the gab’ to close a deal. Our ‘Understand Successful Selling’ training courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to progress closes, win bids and ultimately, increase revenue for your business.

Courses are aimed at sales professionals at all levels and are beneficial for colleagues in companies of any size; so, whether you are part of a start-up or you work for one of the FTSE 100, we provide the opportunity for you to increase your sales capabilities and turn those cool prospects into revenue.

Upcoming Understand successful selling training:

Understand Successful Selling training calendar

Promote your Business

Do you want to know how to tell the perfect story so you can get your business ideas into the minds of others? Do you need to understand digital marketing, or wish to learn exactly how to get ROI from social media? How about learning how to create solid gold promotional content from the convenience of your mobile phone?

techUK offers these opportunities and more through a collection of ‘Communications and Marketing’ training courses. These classroom-based sessions will give you the skills you need to promote your product, service or solution in the most effective way, in a practical and collaborative environment. So, whether a highly experienced marketeer or just starting out in the field of Marcomms, techUK provides the training you need to get your message across.

Upcoming Promote your Business training:

Promote your Business training calendar

Personal and team development

No matter what industry or level of seniority, you and your colleagues deserve the chance to develop your personal and professional skills.

Our ‘Personal and Team Development’ suite of training offers motivational and practical courses that will help you reach your full potential by providing valuable techniques and strategies to take away into everyday life; so whether you wish to become more confident at work, increase your soft skills for effective coaching and management, or learn useful tools to assist in areas such as project planning and time management, we have a course that will help you and your team progress and ultimately, help you and your business succeed.

Upcoming Personal and team development training:

  • Wednesday27Nov2019

    This course is designed to improve business insight and leadership and management skills

  • Thursday05Dec2019

    Learn how to get the best out of networking events, with less anxiety and more result

  • Tuesday11Feb2020

    This course is designed to improve business insight and leadership and management skills

Personal and Team Development training calendar

If you would like to make an enquiry about in-house training please contact:

  • Ruchika Kulkarni

    Ruchika Kulkarni

    Business Development and Customer Relationship Manager
    T 020 7331 2024

  • Mariana Obetzanova

    Mariana Obetzanova

    Business Services Manager
    T 020 7331 2194

  • Zoe Brockbank

    Zoe Brockbank

    Business Services Assistant
    T 020 7331 2174

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