Beatrice Freeman

Interviewed by a national newspaper as a networking guru, Beatrice Freeman helps companies find the right connections in networking events. She is a leading business networking strategist and professional networker.

Her book Introverts Make Better Networkers – How Anyone Can Succeed rates highly on Amazon and shows that networking is a skill that any personality type can master to perfection using her simple five-step method.

Beatrice developed her method while working for an innovative technology company, pioneer in cybersecurity, in London. It is based on her experience in thousands of hours of networking situations. She worked out the most effective way to network sustainably, with precision and without anxiety. Consequently, she was invited to share her secrets in a series of keynotes and workshops, which then lead to writing a book. Her workshops rate very high: delegates consistenly report getting more business and better visibility.

Beatrice is a trainer, consultant and award-winning speaker. She helps businesses understand the networking game better, feel confident in the process, and get more tangible results.


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