Chris Whyatt

Chris Whyatt is the founding Director of Practical Bid Solution, which he established in 1999 after a successful twenty year sales career. Since that time, Chris has worked with many marketing leading companies in differing sectors to improve their bid and sales processes and procedures, helping them to improve their win ratio and reduce their cost of sale. Chris has also trained and coached sales and bid teams to win many major opportunities by helping them sell business value based on a deep understanding of the target customer’s requirements. Chris was also a founding Board Member of the UK Chapter of the Association of Proposal management Professionals (APMP).


A fantastic and really useful course, which is really valuable for anyone involved in preparing proposals! Three years after attending, we still follow Chris's advice to help us prepare and make submissions to potential customers and the course has been instrumental in us winning great business from some leading organisations.

Rachael Mackwell - Sales Director, Postcode Anywhere

My single biggest personal objective for the day was to find a better/easier/less painful way of writing the Management Summary. The step by step process to identify the key elements needed for the MS makes the actual writing of it a much easier proposition. I often leave training courses trying to rationalise the value I have gained against the time I have lost. Yesterday I had no problems in that area as the day was extremely valuable. I would recommend it to anyone in an organisation with responsibility for producing proposal documents.

Nigel Haines - Sales Account Manager InterSystems UK

The philosophy and processes to producing 'better proposals' was laid out fantastically well allowing even a sales person to follow. I found the course to be of huge benefit to me in gaining focus and structure to something I always felt was out of control. The processes for bid management and compiling the executive summary will be used by me forever more. The course exceeded my expectations and met all of my objectives for the day.

Robert Skinner - Sales Manager – Financial Services, InterSystems

I came away feeling excited at the thought that we could apply some of the concepts and ideas to our pre-sales processes with the expectation that we better appreciate opportunities and become more effective in our approach. Key to me was having laid out before me was something that extends our existing bid processes from a mechanical exercise to something much more creative and focused. This demonstrates a need to focus less on the technical side of proposals and solutions but much more on developing a value proposition that exceeds the clients stated needs.

Mark Pickering - National Bid Manager, Sopra Group


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