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In this podcast, techUK’s Emma Fryer and CyrusOne’s EVP, Managing Director Europe, Matt Pullen, explore current market trends in the data centre sector and discuss how data infrastructure capacity is being deployed in the UK and across Europe.  They consider whether the current demand for capacity can be met and if so, how it will be delivered.  They also review the underlying growth drivers – both in terms of the adoption and deployment of digital services and of course the big players who are generating the majority of customer demand.

In this podcast, they also discuss the balance between the urgent need to decarbonise our operations, the energy intensive nature of the sector and the wider role of digitalisation in reducing emissions.  They review sector progress to date in areas like renewables adoption and formal net zero commitments.

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Emma Fryer

Emma Fryer

Associate Director, Data Centres, techUK

Emma Fryer is Associate Director at techUK, the trade association for the UK technology industry.

Emma has worked in and around the technology industry for the last 15 years in a range of non-technical roles that include research and report writing, policy work (from political liaison to detailed negotiations) and project management.

Her first degree was in English at the University of Durham, followed some years later by a second degree in Environmental Science at the University of London. She is now completing an MSc in Environmental Decision Making with the Open University.

She spent five years representing the technology sector in policy matters relating to climate change. Her focus was split between encouraging government to make their policy tools fit for purpose and explaining how the intelligent use of ICT can reduce net carbon emissions.

More recently she has focused on Data Centres. She manages the UK Council of Data Centre Operators and techUK’s Data Centres Technical Committee and, with their support, has achieved some major outcomes for the sector, the most significant of which was negotiating and implementing the Climate Change Agreement for Data Centres. This, after a four-year marathon of evidence gathering and policy dialogue, was confirmed in December 2013 and came into force on 1st July 2014. It is worth around £200M to the sector. In recognition of her work she won the DataCenterDynamics Award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Industry” in 2013. TechUK also won the “Effective Voice” category of the Association Network Awards in 2014 in recognition of way the CCA campaign had been managed.

She has also produced a significant body of work including formal and informal policy responses, white papers, overviews, briefings, high level thought leadership papers and illustrated infographics explaining complex technologies in laymans' terms - plus everything in between.

Emma is a judge for both the leading industry awards providers: BroadGroup and DataCenterDynamics. She is a regular speaker at industry events.

[email protected]
01609 772 137

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