27 May 2022

Event round-up: Future Visions Series - Metaverse

Earlier this month, techUK launched its new future visions series, where we explore with industry leaders the new frontiers of tech. The first event explored the metaverse, and what this term means for the UK tech sector

Speakers included: 

Christopher Hay, Global IBM iX CTO, IBM

Jamie Allan, Media and Entertainment Industry Lead, NVIDIA

Sue McLean, Technology Partner, Baker McKenzie

Theo Priestley, CEO, Metanomic

Alongside a panel of technology leaders dedicated to the development of the metaverse, we explored the role the UK tech sector will play in the development of a metaverse; the different forms a metaverse could take, and indentified the key technologies driving this hybrid virtual and physical environment. We also identified what has driven the emergence of the metaverse, from the movement towards web 3.0, the ubiquity of a connected world exacerbated by the global pandemic, and the expected technological innovations that will enable a metaverse.  

You can watch the full event here

The Metaverse – fact or fiction?

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If you would like to get involved in techUK's upcoming campaign in the metaverse, please do not hesitate to reach out

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

Head of Technology and Innovation, techUK

Chris Hazell

Chris Hazell

Programme Manager - Cloud, Tech and Innovation, techUK

Sue Daley

Sue Daley

Director, Technology and Innovation


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