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techUK has teamed up with the WISE campaign and members to produce a tailored version of WISE’s People Like Me resources for girls to consider careers in tech. 


Research conducted by the WISE Campaign in the 'Not for people like me' report, found that talking about STEM careers and what tasks they perform often doesn't attract girls. Instead, allowing girls to look at the kind of person they are and how their attributes correspond to roles in these sectors is what actually makes the difference. 

That's why techUK teamed up with WISE and its members to create a bespoke version of WISE’s People Like Me resources for girls to consider careers in tech. The pack will enable teachers and ambassadors to develop a novel and effective approach to engaging girls in tech incorporating lesson planning, language guidance and visual support. By clicking on the images, you are able to download the packs. 


                PLM web leaflet  PLM web poster  PLMG resource pack

The pack features a number of cool, young women in tech who demonstrate that technology offers such a wide variety of roles. It proves that any young person can have the skills and expertise that would be very welcome right across the tech sector. We’d like to thank our members that partnered with us on this exciting initiative and provided us with inspirational role models from their own companies:


CA Technologies





WISE techuk

For more information or to get involved, get in touch with:

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People Like Me - Leaflet (pdf)People Like Me - Poster (pdf)People Like Me - Teaching Pack & Case Studies (pdf)


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