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Snacks & Sips: Connecting large and small

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    Friday14Nov 2014

    Catch all the action from our speed networking session at Google Campus featuring Piers Linney, Dragon from BBC Dragons' Den & Co-Founder of Outsourcery.

We are running another Snacks & Sips event to connect large and small companies on 22 May 2015, click here for more info.

On Thursday 16 October, we hosted our first speed networking event connecting start-ups with the top 20 suppliers to Government. We had over forty start-ups attend for pitching and networking with snacks & sips.

Each company had 30 seconds to pitch their innovation, with the aim of finding partners for future business opportunities. We also heard some inspirational talks from Piers Linney (CEO of Outsourcery and Dragon on BBC Dragons' Den), Diane Perlman (COO/CMO for Startups UK at Microsoft Ventures), and Carlos Oliveira (CEO and Founder of ShapingCloud).

Speaking to TechWorld about why techUK decided to host Snacks & Sips networking events, Naureen Khan said,

"You've got the government looking to attract new entrants and innovative suppliers. What’s been missing is government as a buyer of technology. What have they done to attract startups and some of the technology that’s available from the startups? A route to market for the startups to work with government would be partnering with larger and medium sized companies.”

Tim Edwards, director at Dootrix and former head of technology for Eurostar, who took part in the event said,

"We’d absolutely like to do more business with public sector. There’s a lot of people out there with projects that we know we can deliver but it’s quite often getting in the room that’s the problem. Getting through (preferred supplier list) and the gatekeepers and all that stuff."

You can catch all the highlights from the event in the video below and on Storify, and do keep an eye out on our website for future sessions coming up! #SnacksSips


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