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The Housing Crisis: a digital solution

A new Citrix and techUK report, launching today, shows that the UK urban housing crisis is being exacerbated by professionals seeking career success, with the majority of workers (59 per cent) adamant that there is greater potential of securing employment in large cities.

The Housing Crisis: a digital solution examines YouGov online research into the expectations of 1,243 UK knowledge workers – those that can work flexibly - around how their location impacts the opportunity to secure work and succeed in their career.

This massive burden on large cities could be significantly reduced by allowing workers to work remotely, as over half of British workers (54 per cent) stated they would be likely to relocate to a rural area if they could still perform their role to the same level. However, while many workers would relocate if they could, connectivity, transport and corporate culture were all cited as challenges to achieving this.

Jacqueline de Rojas, Area Vice President, Northern Europe, Citrix and president, techUK, said:

“With pressure mounting on major cities and the urban population increasing, it is clear that the government and industry must look to intelligent solutions to relieve this problem.

There is no good reason why career success and living rurally should remain mutually exclusive, and if we can bring to an end the necessary migration to large cities for professional success, we have the potential to redistribute economic growth across the UK – supporting our rural communities and growing our talented workforce to also include those who can’t afford or don’t wish to live in large cities.”

Matthew Evans, executive director, techUK

“Connectivity is key to sharing the benefits of digital across the UK. Ensuring all workers and all businesses have the connectivity they need is a key part of solving the productivity puzzle. Applying this connectivity to where people are – be it at home, in the office, or on a train – must remain an urgent priority for government and industry if we’re to retain our position as a world leading digital economy.”

Download the full report below.

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Housing Crisis: A Digital Solution (pdf)

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