UK Spectrum Usage & Demand: Second Edition

The UK Spectrum Policy Forum, the industry-led sounding board to Government and Ofcom, launches the final in a series of reports on UK Spectrum Usage and Demand.UK Spectrum Usage and Demand Report - Summary Report Second Edition

This report was launched at the UK Spectrum Policy Forum conference Enabling Spectrum to Deliver a Positive Digital Future with a keynote speech from Ed Vaizey MP, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, followed by a panel debate with some of the report's authors and contributors from the industry sectors.

Based on studies of 11 sectors, from space and radio to broadcasting and transport, final report in the 'UK Spectrum Usage and Demand' series provides a snapshot of the current spectrum usage and expected long-term future needs.

This study of the major users of spectrum in the UK identifies the business and societal activities which depend on spectrum and the associated drivers of value. Based on these views, the report identifies spectrum "pinch points" which must be addressed if we are to maximise future growth in spectrum value.

The report is aimed to identify spectrum needs across a breadth of industries and inform future policy debates to avoid a spectrum 'crunch' in the long-term.


The Full Report (Summary and Appendices) is available to download by completing the form at the bottom of this page.


The UK Spectrum Policy Forum (@UK SPF) is the industry-led sounding board to Government and Ofcom on future spectrum management and regulatory policy with a view to maximising the benefits of spectrum for the UK. The main objective of the Forum is to enable the policy and regulatory environment for maximising access to spectrum through cross-industry leadership and exploring 'over the horizon' issues in spectrum-using applications.

The Forum is open to all organisations with an interest in using spectrum and already has over 150 member organisations. Activities are undertaken by three main 'Cluster' working groups and the Steering Board performs the important function of ensuring the proper prioritisation and resourcing of our work. The UK Spectrum Policy Forum is supported by techUK.

UK SPF Report: UK Spectrum Usage and Demand - main v3.pdf (pdf)UK SPF Report: UK Spectrum Usage and Demand - Appendices... (pdf)

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