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High Tech: Low Carbon

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    Tuesday18Nov 2008
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    Our ground breaking report looking at the role of technology in tackling climate change

The three most critical environmental challenges facing society today are climate change, resource degradation and pollution. At the heart of all three is energy efficiency and this is the area where the technology sector can make the most positive contribution.

This report looks at the role of technology in tackling climate change, the progress made to date and the significant challenges ahead.

The questions the industry is constantly asked by media and government focus on the energy efficiency of tech products. However the beneficial environmental effects of technology across the whole economy, which are reducing energy consumption and emissions whilst improving productivity and competitiveness are often forgotten or simply taken for granted.

Understanding where we are as a sector is vital if we are to take a lead in tackling climate change in the future. This report was developed to kick-start further collaboration between industry, government and citizens. Much good work has already been done by other organisations and companies, for instance, the CBI's Climate Change Task Force report 'Climate Change – everyone's business' is helping to set clear targets for UK business.

We have also initiated work with other partners outside the UK and a European version of this paper has been published by Digital Europe, the Brussels-based industry association representing the technology sector in the EU. A German version has also been published by BITKOM, our German counterpart and continue to collaborate with both organisations in meeting our commitments.


High Tech Low Carbon (pdf)

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