New SPF Report: UK spectrum usage and demand

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    Wednesday31Oct 2018

    This report, produced by Analysys Mason on behalf of the UK SPF summarises the trends in spectrum use, and implications for future spectrum demand and for UK spectrum...

Through a series of workshops during 2018, the UK spectrum usage and demand report prepared by Analysys Mason on behalf of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF) summarises the outcome of the SPF’s discussions within its Cluster 1 group regarding trends in spectrum use, and implications for future spectrum demand and for UK spectrum policy.

The SPF’s workshops during 2018 have aimed to identify significant trends in spectrum use and their impact on future spectrum demand. The intention is that these can be used as inputs to future UK spectrum policy, as well as to facilitate a joined-up view across industry on sector needs.

This report has been produced for publication by the SPF, to inform:

  • UK Government and Ofcom involved in spectrum policy
  • UK spectrum users, to foster a joined-up understanding of spectrum use and need
  • other work in the SPF, relating to spectrum access mechanisms, impact of spectrum and future World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC) agenda items.

The scope of work was to assess trends in use of wireless connectivity and demand for spectrum across several sectors of UK spectrum use, and specifically covering:

  • public mobile networks
  • business radio (BR), utility networks and emergency services
  • fixed and fixed satellite services
  • terrestrial television broadcasting, and programme making and special events (PMSE).

The UK Spectrum Policy Forum would like to thank Analysys Mason for the preparation of the report and to thank the relevant organistations, and members of the SPF Steering Board who contributed to this report.

Launched at the request of Government, the UK Spectrum Policy Forum is the industry sounding board to address strategic spectrum issues and to provide advice to Government and Ofcom on industry and user views around key spectrum policy issues. The SPF is open to all organisations with an interest in using spectrum and has over 240 members drawn from mobile and broadcasting, space and transport, equipment manufacturers and public services.  The SPF’s broad membership working together enables us to engage with challenging questions about how to get better value from spectrum use at the national and international level. A Steering Board performs the important function of ensuring the proper prioritisation and resourcing of our work.

Report on UK spectrum demand second edition October 2018 (pdf)

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