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    Tuesday22Sep 2020

    techUK are excited to be kicking-off our new geospatial data campaign, Mapping the UK’s Geospatial Future. Learn how to get involved with the latest series of events...

techUK are excited to be kicking-off our new geospatial data campaign, Mapping the UK’s Geospatial Future. Through a dedicated programme of events, roundtables, insights and podcasts this campaign will explore the  opportunities and potential benefits from greater  use of  geospatial data across different industries and sectors, potential barriers that may stand in our way and consider how to address these as well as drive forward a world leading geospatial market in the UK.

The UK’s geospatial data market has a remarkable opportunity to become a world-leader and bring over 11 billion to the UK’s economy in the next five years.  However, this economic value will only be achieved if the UK can successfully create and drive forward a world leading geospatial market. Getting this right will not only increase research into the opportunities of geospatial data, but enhance the development and commercialisation of cutting edge, innovative geospatial data products, services and technologies.

Whether you are interested in contributing your industry expertise to drive forward the UK’s geospatial future, or want to discover more about the opportunities of geospatial data, learn more about techUK’s campaign below!

What is geospatial data?

Geospatial data, often referred to as location-based data, can visualise relationships between two or more sets, or layers, of data. This data can reveal insights into the state of our natural environment, and help make decisions about daily lives. Crucially, it offers a unique method of viewing information that can empower businesses to make effective decisions. The potential range of industries and sectors that can utilize services founded upon location data is extensive, and the Geospatial Commission’s recent strategy 2020-2025 established avenues for commercial success across over nine key sectors including infrastructure, transport and the environment.  

Furthermore, advancement of emerging technologies, such as digital twins, IoT and AI, will drive new use cases of geospatial data across industries. Through exploring new areas of collaboration and revenue with the existing geospatial data market, the UK technology sector can actively play a part in driving and widening adoption of geospatial data. techUK’s geospatial data campaign will explore how UK technology sector can help capture, unlock and explore the full potential of geospatial data in the UK and drive forward adoption.

What is techUK’s geospatial data campaign?

To ensure the technology sector is ready and able to play its part in ensuring the UK can become the world leader in the advancement and adoption of geospatial data, techUK’s geospatial data campaign is dedicated to sharing industry insight and knowledge to help the geospatial market and technology sector to collaborate and innovate together.  This includes exploring how, for example, geospatial data can be used in construction, transportation, and building smarter communities.

The campaign will also explore and consider the role of the technology sector in supporting the work and  goals of the UK’s Geospatial Commission and the recently published national strategy on geospatial data.  techUK will  explore how the Government’s approach to geospatial data could influence wider sector opportunities and priorities and what opportunities this could raise for the UK’s technology ecosystem and sector as a whole.

It is clear that geospatial data has the possibility of bringing tangible economic benefits to key industries, and techUK’s programme of activity will drive forward adoption of geospatial data and champion the UK’s geospatial market as a world leader.

Please reach out if you are interested in sharing insights, or want to learn about upcoming speaking opportunities. We look forward to working with you

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