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‘Pathfinder’ is an evidence-based intervention programme that aims to reduce the number of victims of crime by reducing reoffending. In June 2017, Devon & Cornwall Police introduced this new initiative which was aimed at eligible offenders in order to challenge or change their behaviour. The Pathfinder Scheme is an out of court disposal for people coming into the criminal justice process who would otherwise receive a Police caution or been charged to court. If the offender agrees to be referred to the Pathfinder their disposal is suspended pending successful completion of the scheme. E-CINS is used to record all of the notes and discussions between the Pathfinder Keyworker and the client.  This information is then used to make referrals and share information with the supporting agencies such as Make Amends, the Restorative Justice commissioned service by the Devon and Cornwall PCC.

techUK were recently contacted by Devon and Cornwall Police and were lucky to hear first-hand how the initiative has been working and the current challenges being faced due to social distancing measures. Much of their work relies on face-to-face contact with their clients.

Devon & Cornwall Police have reached out to techUK to understand if there are members who are interested in working with them to develop an app, which would allow effective business continuity via remote contact with their clients during these unprecedented times. Alternatively, they are keen to understand what existing applications might already be in use which would meet their needs.


Please note this is not a procurement exercise but an opportunity to co-design


Below is a summary of some of the issues that Pathfinder would like to address by utilising a currently in use application or producing a bespoke App. Included are also potential solutions and the benefits of these solutions.



Inability to conduct face to face meetings due to Covid-19 or reluctance of client.

Difficulty in contacting clients due to differing contact platforms and clients changing mobile numbers frequently

Difficulty confirming receipt of documentation delivered by post or electronic means

Difficulty around documents and contracts that require client signature, when face to face contact is difficult or not possible

Potential Solution

Video conferencing

Automatic reminders for appointment sent to clients and Keyworker 24 hrs prior to event to which the client must respond.

2-way interaction system allowing text and voice messaging by client and keyworker

Voicemail type facility

Facility to add keyworker availability/working hours

Electronic document signing facility

Cloud based application


Clients would not be required to travel

Time saving for Keyworkers negating travel time and eliminating no shows

Cost saving with regards to fuel

Reduce demand on pool cars

Ability to conduct face to face meetings when personal contact is not available

Cloud based application will mean no loss of data/information on changing device


If you would like to know more, please get in touch with Steve -

  • Georgina Henley

    Georgina Henley

    Programme Manager | Justice and Emergency Services

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